Friday, November 19, 2010

Taguig's famous Pancit Palabok

I had to prod my sister to get this for me. You see, she lives in Taguig, and for someone who lives in far off Quezon City—I’d never brave the hellish traffic along the South. I don’t want to go somewhere else where there’s no available MRT to ride on. It was such a good thing my sister was kind enough when she finally agreed she’d buy me after much “kulit.”

The first thing I've noticed were the was indeed loaded with toppings galore. This palabok was also oozing with sauce and lots of it. But what surprised me the most was the crunchiness of the chicharon (crunchy pork flakes) after it had to be traveled from Taguig to Cubao in Quezon City.

The styrofoam take out package that my sister had to carry.

See the oozing sauce and the toppings overload of this Palabok?

The noodles used were the pancit luglog kind and not the vermicelli noodles some pancit palabok makers use.  My verdict? It didn't had the original taste of Malabon's Pancit palabok, but its got its unique taste on its own. It tasted just right, not too salty, not too bland—just right. It had the Pancit palabok taste without going overboard. Some tasted with too much tinapa flavor, but not this palabok. The juicy flavors of pork, chicharon flakes, calamansi and the secret orange sauce made all the difference. I'm not even sure if it had tinapa flakes at all. It's so easy to know if there's fishy tinapa on any food, right?

I'd say I'd give this pancit palabok three and a half thumbs up in a scale of 1 to 5, and making 5 as the highest. Why three and a half? It would've probably been a four if I did not had it in take-out styrofoams. Perhaps if I had this pancit palabok as dine-in, eating it when it's served piping hot and fresh, things would've been a little different. So I guess, I would not want to suggest this foodie to be taken out especially if you live as far as Quezon City. It's still best to travel to Taguig or to its other branch in Lower Bicutan (Arrgh, it's still far down South!).

As for Lakay, I would suggest you should make a branch for people living in the north, say Makati or Quezon City. This way, we don't have to travel far and wide just to get your oozing pancit palabok each time we crave for such. And thanks for presenting our  Filipino favorite pancit palabok in a different way and for making it overload with toppings.

For orders and inquiries,
Lakay's Pancit Palabok
8375803, 8397838


Anonymous said...

yeah that's cool...- i love it..

janakidiary said...

you're right. the inside of the pack is oozing with sauce. makes me hungry :)

Vance M. Ramos said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my food blog and I really appreciate your comments. Sorry to make you guys hungry. But I really think you should try it if you ever get somewhere down South. It's quite different from the more famous "Palabok ng Malabon".

Anonymous said...

nice review.

you should try tatay Berting's Special pancit and see the difference. tatay berting's is way better.

those 2 are like abs and gma or mcdo and jabi of taguig. :)

Anonymous said...

love both berting's and lakay's palabok. I've lived in that area till I was 14 and I've always come back for this. Home grown food at its finest. :)

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