Sunday, January 26, 2014

S & R New York Style Pizza: Huge, Yummy and Affordable + Value for Money

I love Pizza! I could drop anything whatever it is I'm doing at the moment when someone invites me to eat pizza. I enjoy eating pizza in lots of different ways: fold-them up like just as New Yorkers do, eat them backwards starting off from the crust, or slice them into tiny bite sized pieces the way I usually do. I love all kinds of pizza flavors with all sorts of toppings too. From the original Neapolitan style, to the typical ham and cheese, Hawaiian (with pineapple), pepperoni, down to all sorts of unique flavors like 'pinakbet pizza' (a popular vegetable dish from the Ilocos region in norther Philippines) and Bicol Express (inspired from the famous spicy dish in Bicol)--name it, I must have tried it. So you could just imagine my delight when I've discovered S & R New York Style Pizza. These are literally huge pizza (a slice is enough to cover your lunch, actually) that are amazingly affordable! It comes in different flavors:pepperoni, cheese, shrimp and garlic, combo (which typically has everything: black olives, bell peppers, beef, onions, etc.) 

A whole S & R pizza costs around Php599, but then it gives one a true value for money considering it could already feed like an entire basketball team. The good news is that you can buy them per slice too with an equally huge drink for only Php99.00 only! Yes, for something as hefty as a slice of pizza, you'll surely get your stomach full. 

One does not need to travel far to get a taste of New York's famous pizza. The best thing is you don't even need to spend as much because S & R makes sure that Filipinos can afford them without sacrificing the quality. S & R New York Style Pizza had generous toppings and gooey cheese that one will surely go crazy about. If pizza aren't your thing, there are other interesting items on the S & R menu that you might want to try such as Calzone (in various fillings), health bowl of green salads, popular American food like french fries, hamburgers, hotdog sandwiches, fruit smoothies (shakes) and fried chicken. Speaking of fried chicken, theirs are really affordable at Php89 with rice, and Php399 per box for six pieces of S & R crispy fried chicken. They also have churros and soup chowder too. 

Oh, have I mentioned that you don't need to become an S & R member to be able to avail of all these? Yes, you read that right. At Puregold in Cubao (just in front of Farmers Plaza), S & R can be found on the second floor of the said Puregold building. And from there, you can either choose to dine in or takeout your food with you. If you're dining in, you'll have free unlimited  (but self-service) refill of condiments such as minced onions, pickle relish, catsup, hot sauce, mayonnaise and mustard and gravy. 

So, remember, if you're craving for pizza, S & R is the best way to go! It will surely satisfy your pizza cravings and you'll be able to share pizza with your family and friends because of its hefty servings! And this isn't the kind of pizza that will cost you an arm and a leg--S & R pizza are truly affordable. Where else can you find something as filling and yummy? S & R pizza will definitely become a hit among your loved ones too. Compared to other leading pizza brands, S & R pizza isn't greasy, it's not all crusty and it does not scrimp on its toppings! Indeed, it is truly a good value for your money. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions and impressions expressed are 100% my own.


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