Saturday, October 22, 2016

Midea provide home solutions

Press release: 

A few years ago, Midea was basically a new entrant brand in the minds of the Filipino market. With so many established appliance brands already etched in every consumer’s thought whenever on a search for appliances, Midea was on a tough road in competing to capture the attention of the market, more so, landing a space in their homes. But slowly and surely, Midea made its way to consumers through the help of their retail partners, the first line of people these consumers meet, who effectively convey the philosophy behind the brand and the benefits of Midea’s consumer friendly solutions.

“When we were set to bring the brand in, what we were looking for is not just selling boxes, not just selling products,” Concepcion Midea, Inc. General Manager, Mr. Phillip Trapaga also points out that home chores are taking away a lot precious time for the whole family, “for us, it is really about studying the consumers, the pressures and the problems they are having with home chores, and bringing them friendly solutions that would make doing home chores easier for them.”
Abensons and Robinsons are just few of the first major retailers which easily welcomed the brand and have taken in its philosophy of not just ‘pushing the boxes’.  “What we wanted to do in pushing the Midea brand to consumers is to stop talking much about the technology and start talking about the benefits and teach the consumers how they can have a worry-free life with our home-friendly products,” Trapaga said.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Product Review: Mrs. Lam Premium Sinandomeng Rice + KIMCHI FRIED RICE, KIMCHI BOKKEUMBAP Recipe

Rice is a Filipino staple food. Most of us cannot live without eating rice. In fact, when I went abroad for the first time, I felt that my meals weren’t complete because there was no rice available. There are lots of rice variations: brown rice, red rice, black rice, yellow rice and of course, white rice. I recently received 2 kilograms pack of rice brand called Mrs. Lam Premium Sinandomeng Special rice for a product review from Ad Garlic

Mrs. Lam’s Rice is guaranteed 100 % locally harvested and carefully selected over-milled crop from the best regions in the country. What makes Mrs. Lam’s rice different from other rice is its naturally fragrant aroma, white, long grain, smooth shiny and silky in appearance. When cooked, Mrs. Lam’s produces a white soft long grain with a slightly chewy texture.

Produced utilizing the state-of-the-art innovative technology of rice-polishing along with its advanced laser sorting machines, Mrs. Lam’s Rice ensures the best quality rice. Guaranteed to deliver the best rice but sold at a very reasonable price, it ensures every customer’s satisfaction and continues patronage.

Mrs. Lam's Premium Sinandomeng Special Rice after it's cooked

 Aside from its longer, slimmer grains, what distinguishes Mrs. Lam’s long-grain white rice from medium or short grained white rice (the kind used in risotto or sushi respectively) is that after cooking it remains fluffy and separate. Long grain rice such as Mrs. Lam’s contains less of starch called amylopectin, which is what makes rice stick together.

Celebrity mom Danica Sotto Pingris endorses Mrs. Lam's Rice
Mrs. Lam's Sinandomeng Premium Rice is neutral in flavor, perfect for providing backdrop in other foods. Nonetheless, high quality white rice such as Mrs. Lam's rice--like good white pasta, or a real French baguette--offers pleasingly chewy "al dente" texture and a slightly fragrant aroma on its own. On my last trip to the International Rice Institute, I was able to learn that processing per se affects the rice flavor. All rice starts out brown' to become white, it is milled. It goes a process that removes the husk, bran, and germ, which contains flavor compounds as well as nutrients. The longer the rice is milled, the whiter the rice becomes--and the more flavor is removed. Most brands of rice are then enriched to replace the lost nutrients. Overall, I loved Mrs. Lam's Premium Sinandomeng Soecial Rice. It had subtle notes which reminds me of "nuts" or "barley." Even with added flavors in rice pilaf or Korean bokkeumbap, I prefer Mrs. Lam's rice for its winning brand quality in both taste and texture.