Saturday, December 19, 2015

Quezon Buffet Restaurant Fishermall Food Review

I'm always a big fan of both Pinoy and traditional Spanish cuisine, so when we found this restaurant called Quezon Buffet restaurant in Quezon City area, we immediately checked it out. I was curious to find out if they could live up to my expectations. It did!  

Coun. Yul Sevo, TV host Bobby Yan and a beauty queen.

 I enjoyed everything that I’ve tried out on: from the salted egg vinaigrette salad dressings, sinigang-based salad dressings on arugula and romaine lettuce, main dishes such as tiger prawns in garlic and butter, molo soup, pakbet, beef tapa, dinakdakan, an array of l crispy lechon and I especially loved their seafood paella.  This restaurant offers a wide range of filipino dishes with a modern take into it. I love the twist on the menu and well-loved dishes. It's not pricey but we still enjoyed quality buffet and it's still not as expensive as other restaurants in its class. Ambience is smart-casual, with a relaxed atmosphere, well-lit and homey interiors, plus service is very good. Can't wait to have a chance to go back again when I'm around that area! Highly recommended!

Quezon Buffet's Seafood Paella

Had visitors from France recently that I wanted to treat to some Filipino food and decided to go to back to Quezon Buffet restaurant [that’s why it had taken quite sometime for me to write about my experience]. My foreign visitors were really impressed and I was happy considering that one of them was eating Filipino food for the first time. And you know that the French are very particular about what they eat and drink. Service was good, quick and unobtrusive. And the best thing about this dining experience was it didn't cost much. Definitely this is a restaurant you can bring foreign visitors to. It makes you proud to be Filipino.

Present during the Quezon Buffet restaurant robbing cutting ceremony were Councilor Yul Sevo and several beauty queens.

Lovely interiors kinda brings you back to the 1800s during Spanish Times. Perfect place to end the night. I was really impressed with the Adobo, which I had come to consider a relatively unimpressive dish due to my experience elsewhere in the Philippines, but here it was delicately cooked, the meat pieces properly selected and it was tender and full of flavours. 

The staff were polite, but did not seem to be interested to advise us and left our friends to make decisions without making any suggestions. 
Due to the large variety of the dishes on the buffet there is no point in going through favourites. You will probably have to go several times to try enough dishes to know what you like best. 

Overall good value for money. The Filipino and Spanish food and were nicely complemented by the decor and atmosphere of the end of century (post colonial) Manila.

Quezon Buffet restaurant is located at the 2nd level of Fishermall in Quzon Avenue, Quezon City. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100 %  my own. 


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