Monday, October 15, 2012


The Sandwich Guy Kiosk at SM Megamall
In the food industry, there have been a lot of attempts to make sandwiches more special.  I’ve recently discovered The Sandwich Guy or TSG and I’d have to say that they do produce one of the best sandwiches in town. TSG’s distinct appeal in terms of food and concept, (it’s a healthy fast food option in my opinion) they’ve already earned quite a number of patrons who enjoy the whole-wheat sandwiches in hefty sized serving—plus they have been continuously recommended through word of mouth.

TheSandwich Guy promotes healthy eating without sacrificing its taste as it gives customers balanced choices of carbs, veggies, and proteins, loaded with all the essential nutrient our body needs.
What is exciting about The Sandwich Guy is its specialization and focus on light healthy meals. Not only do they serve food fast, hot and on the dot, their fare although considered healthy tastes amazing as well. Who would’ve thought that something healthy could also taste delicious and not bland, right? Another plus factor is the affordability; one would be amazed at how large a serving is for the price. 

With so many sandwiches to choose from.

Once you browse and check on their menu, it could be frustrating at first because you cannot decide which one to order since everything seems really tempting to try. But the staff is not only amiable, they’re willing to suggest and recommend items from their menu to help you. You can even ask them questions and they turned out to be well informed.

Sandwiches are made upon order.
 If you’re in a rush and looking for a quick bite, try out The Sandwich Guy or TSG’s special sandwiches. Made fresh upon order, it will definitely satisfy your hunger even without eating rice. For most young professionals or yuppies, grabbing a sandwich and wolfing down a few bites for lunch is enough. It’s a good thing that a mere TSG sandwich satisfies the hunger pangs before merienda and dinner.

Yes, they're done right before your eyes.
 Perfectly located in bustling cityscapes of frenzied pedestrians and mall-goers, TSG crams everything into a complete lunch. You’d surely get that busog factor—that can last you until 6PM.

The cute hexagon chairs.

 Every dish is made with fresh and organic ingredients, and they even baked their own whole-wheat hexagon breads. All their food is prepared fresh and without preservatives (except for meat products).  Items are served on microwavable containers to ensure the consistency, quality and freshness of their product. “We at TSG value our customers’ satisfaction and concerns so we make sure to set high standards when it comes to handling our food items,” explains one of their SM Megamall staff.

Creamy and heavenly Baked Potato
 My nephew Kyle and I had the TSG Bigtime—three deli choices and three slices of bread, it had triple layers of three inch hexagonal tower alternating bread, three deli meats (ham, bacon and roastbeef), cheese, lettuce, mayo and tomatoes! Spaghetti la Tomato—classic spaghetti with ground beef and peppers and Cheesy Bacon Baked Potato—bacon and melted cheese over baked baby potato slices. Initially, I had doubts if 10-year-old Kyle who’s known to be very picky when it comes to food would appreciate the red-sauced pasta. You see, unlike other kids, he’s not a huge fan of spaghetti. So I was so surprised that Kyle loved the baked potatoes and spaghetti. When I asked him why he liked it, he shares: “It’s not sweet but it had that comforting homemade taste and none of those sour tomato based Italian style pasta I’ve had.”

The Cheesy Baked Potato was absolutely fantastic. It melts gently into your mouth—full of cheese, bacon weren’t the greasy type, but pure absolute crisp. I love it. It’s a really good product, really superb! Perhaps it’s due to the fact that TSG does not scrimp on ingredients—it had lots of cheese and generous bacon bits (just the way we all want it!).

The Sandwich Guy Bigtime Sandwich!

Three deli and three layers of whole wheat breads

Opening my's such a surprise!

Every bite of the TSG Bigtime sandwich makes you want to have another one and without noticing it, you have already consumed the entire sandwich. It is simply a piece of heaven in your mouth. One taste and the flavors ooze in your mouth and you can’t help but close your eyes and savor the delicious flavor. Subtly tangy and light, it tickles the taste buds with its subtle zing. Truly, it’s an innovative twist with texture (with the three layered hexagon wheat breads) that bursts with rich flavors. 

The homemade style spaghetti...

Microwavable containers are so cool!
 You may customize your order by choosing add-ons like pesto, deli, chili con carne or whole wheat garlic bread. Complete your meal with a side order of pasta from their extensive menu. They’re just as filling as their sandwiches, which come in so many varieties. They’ve got grilled cheese, veggie delight, English egg, peanut butter banana, mushy bacon, crabstick n’ mangoes, ultimate roastbeef, barbecue chicken fillet, hexagon bacon lettuce and tomato are just a few. Whew! The mere mention of the sandwiches must be enough to make you hungry.
Meals are great even for takeout!

See this huge stacks of sandwich?

The friendly staff of SM Megamall's TSG strikes a pose!

The Sandwich Guy isn’t just a quick stop for sandwiches, but a small dining place as well. They’ve got cute orange hexagon seats. However, seats are limited so you’ve got to come early or avoid the peak hours. TSG provided me with an enjoyable food and dining experience and it is definitely a place I would go back to again and again—whether with a group of friends or by myself. 

The Sandwich Guy are located in Cybergate, McKinley Hill, Pacific Star Building, Robinsons Summit Center, Eastwood City, SM The Block, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Robinsons Galleria, One E-com Building, Sun Plaza Building, Philplans Building, Dela Rosa Carpark, Strata 2000 and Assumption.
TSG also delivers with a Php200 minimum purchase within branch vicinity. They might require minimum purchase or delivery charge depending on the proximity of delivery site. Open 24 hours from Monday to Friday.  Call 0922-8920249 to order. For inquiries, email them at

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