Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Steaming Hot Pot of Beef Bulalo

Mouth-watering Beef Bulalo makes any rainy day special.

Since the rainy season can make some people feel as gloomy as the sky, check out the beef bulalo, it will surely brighten anyone’s day. There's nothing like having a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate. But nothing is as special as gulping on a bowl of steaming  beef bulalo with a few veggies on the side. 
If Americans had chicken soup served for those not feeling well, a bowl of beef bulalo does the spirit good for us Pinoys. And if there's a Taspsihan, there's definitely "bulaluhan" as well along the side of every street in the Metro. All these to satisfy every Juan's cravings. 
If you'll notice even "instant" noodles have Bulalo flavors, right? That's because Bulalo is a Filipino staple food. Admit it or not, many of us may not really afford beef with the prices going up, but with bulalo we can still taste the beef minus the hefty price. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Calasiao's Puto Kutsinta

Soft and chewy puto (rice cake) and kutsinta in all its goodness.
I grew up eating small white puto or rice cakes during Sundays after hearing the mass. I remember how it tasted--soft, chewy and bite-sized, a perfect merienda. It's packed and served on a banana leaf for that honest-to-goodness Filipino merienda experience. I don't know if the leaf had something to do with its taste, but perhaps it comes with the package. It's only now that I've learned to know ehre this bite-sized puto came from, it's from Calasiao, Pangasinan. And it comes with its partner and perfect pair, Kutsinta--a rather sweet but sticky merienda usually served along side Calasiao's famous puto.

I so love this mini version of puto. It's not bulky and being bite-sized, it is easier for kids to eat. Kyle eats a mouthful of Calasiao's puto as compared to the large ones, he would really come back for more because it's easier to eat, not to mention tastier.

One thing that sets this food apart from all the other foods is perhaps, you grab a sense of culture and tradition when you eat native delicacies such as Puto Calasiao. Serve this during merienda and your kids will learn more about our country. They will even be surprised how cute it looks like.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dove Chocolate Bars: Chocolate bars from Heaven

Dove chocolate bars in Hazelnut and Almond raisin.

Chocoholics know that a chocolate bar ain't an ordinary chocolate bar if it gives satisfaction and cravings like no other bar can. From well-known chocolate company Mars comes another chocolate bar called Dove. Nah, it's not the soap bar. It's a chocolate bar from the same makers of M &Ms. Dove chocolates are available in different variants but I am partial to the Hazelnut and Almond raisin variety because I'm an almond lover and it is so addicting, you'll keep asking for more.

Samples were given during Dove Chocolate mall tours.
Dove chocolates recently had a couple of sampling mall tours and activities in Metro Manila where shoppers and simple passerby had the chance to taste the goodness of Dove Chocolates in different varieties. Most of them also had bought bars and bars to bring home and share the heavenly experience with their family and friends. 

Dove chocolates are now available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. Grab one now and taste its heavenly goodness. 

Turk's Shawarma: The Best Shawarma Experience

The sign board says it all: "The Best Shawarma Experience"
I never liked anything with onions on it, not until I came across Turk's Shawarma. It's basically just a small kiosk located in most SM Malls and foodcourts. My sister and I were about to watch a movie flick and she was craving for shawarma, so we had to look around the food court to look for one. When she saw the sign, she immediately said, "Eureka!" I thought, why does she have to be so excited to eat shawarma? She had asked if I wanted to order one, I begged off. I figured, it must be a cara-beef,-one that's made from carabao's meat and not 100% pure beef from cows meat.

My sister insisted that I should try. She had tasted the same shawarma brand and according to her, it really tasted good. Eventually, I gave in to her request...I had ordered a small shawarma at P35. And what can I say? It has pure beef, not a sticky cara-beef I've often encountered in shawarma stands. It tasted great and is filling enough for a meal substitute. It goes with its tagline, "The best shawarma experience", because eating one may give you that and much more. They even have an all-meat shawarma for meat-lovers and a vegetarian shawarma for vegan.
A crew puts on all the stuff of shawarma

Shawarma at its finest.
Turk's Shawarma can be found in most SM malls and foodcourts including SM Marikina, SM Mall of Asia, and SM North Edsa.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Yoshinoya Favorite

Beef strips and steaming bowl of rice...
A big bowl of rice with thin strips of beef misono or yakiniku is enough to bring me satisfaction. Yoshinoya brings gyudon eating experience to a different level. Pair it with red pickled ginger strips, a dash of spices and gulp it down with a choice of green or red tea, then your stomach will thank you for it. 

My family and I had always loved going to Yoshinoya ever since it opened its branch in SM Megamall. Since then, Yoshinoya branches have sprouted like mushrooms, bringing the Japanese goodness nearest you. Try it, and you'll see what I'm trying to put into words...Meanwhile, allow me to finish my bowl of gyudon....

My fave Yoshinoya Gyudon bowl with the secret spices and red pickled ginger, plus miso soup.