Monday, February 28, 2011

Mouth-watering Specialty Cakes at Kusina ni Luisa

One of Luisa's Specialty cake

Life is a piece of cake. The saying is literally and figuratively taken by Luisa Sigua. She discovered her knack for baking quite accidentally. “Everything began with passion. It began with my passion for eating,” she shares.  She’s not afraid to try different cuisines. But no matter what she put in her mouth, it has always been the sweet sensation that she craves for.
Luisa launched her dream in her kitchen at home. Armed with the right gadgets and ingredients, she still did not get a perfect cookie or cake on her first try. But Luisa isn’t someone who easily gives up. In fact, she had taken it as a big challenge. Through trial and error, she soon realized that it’s easier to buy a cake than to make one. And because she couldn’t simply let go of making her perfect cake—so she took up baking lessons. Nowadays, Luisa can now afford to smile now that she knew how to make her perfect cake and so much more. She went on to study a course in culinary arts.
What does it take to make cakes? Baking the cake base is easy, this fact I’ve come to learn after I had taken my baking class at La Salle. Decorating it with intricate designs, doing the topping, and icing is another story. Most cake customers wondered why beautifully trimmed cakes cost that much. If you aren’t a cake baker, you might know very little about that.
You need to develop creativity and refining techniques to produce not only delicious cakes but visually lovely pieces as well. We can call cake decoration an art, for each piece that goes on top of each baked product is a result of one’s creativity. The size, shape, positioning of each piece of d├ęcor and colors used must all be aesthetically pleasing.
Upon personally seeing Luisa’s cakes, I could not contain my enthusiasm and wanted to know how she did her attractive cakes. I can’t help but marvel at how beautiful pink rose petals evolved from a tube of fondant icing in the adept hands of Luisa. Credit is due to the chef. A lady less passionate about flavors and designs would not have achieved such merit for her work. Like any other chef of her stature (Most Outstanding Baking Student and a gold medalist), she capitalizes on quality ingredients, recognition of their importance and knowledge of how to best use them.

Everybody loves to eat cakes. If you know one who doesn’t, then you must let her try cakes made by Kusina ni Luisa. She absolutely have one of the best cakes in town! You’ll be amazed how a non-cake eater will easily turn into a cake lover after tasting one of Luisa’s delectable cakes that leave one craving for more.   
Among her best sellers are luscious black forest cakes, boat tarts and food for the gods, to-die-for Braso de Mercedes, Fudgie brownies.
For orders and other inquiries, please call or text Luisa at 09305587452 or  09228765081.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tang Pulpy Mango and Tang Pulpy Orange Drink


  Tang recently geared up the Metropolis for a very fruity surprise. Three giant mangoes were spotted at the three big shopping malls and generated much curiosity among local consumers. This became the prelude to introduce an innovative revolutionary formula that will change the face of powdered juice beverages today: Kraft foods introduces Tang Pulpy Orange and Tang Pulpy Mango.  These two latest Tang variants are available in 1 liter sachets and are truly affordable so that the whole family can enjoy.  It's a more sophisticated juice drink that combines real fruit taste with the flavorful experience of pulp in a powdered juice drink. An innovation that really caters to Filipino moms and their families. 

Try it now, and see for yourself how Tang provides a one-of-a-kind-drink for the entire family's enjoyment!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pigging Out with friends at My Thai Kitchen

Mouth-watering Thai food at its finest.

I'm such a food aficionado. I can adventurous when it comes to food, but not to the point that I could actually join a reality show like Fear Factor. Although I'd like to think I can eat critters if I had no other choice. So when I was invited by my former classmates from La Salle for a food trip night out, I didn't have to think twice.  Aside from the good food, I was sure it'll be a great time as I haven't seen my friends for almost a year and it's about time to catch up on their stories. In other words, I truly enjoy their company.

Hanging out with my friends from La Salle.

With Ate Luisa and Kuya Marl, two generous friends of mine.
Ate Luisa and Kuya Marl brought us to My Thai Kitchen in Robinson's Galleria for the Dinner Buffet meal that costs P245 per head. Not bad, considering
 one has unlimited access to mouth-watering appetizers, viands, main courses, and desserts--from Chicken Pandan, Phad Thai, Chicken Satay, Seafood Curry, Dimsums, Mabo Tofu, Bean Curd based veggie dishes, Thai Spring Rolls--practically everything! And did I mention the buffet meal comes with a complimentary glass of iced tea? How's that for a treat?

I've had the coconut based rice delicacy that had riped mangoes on top. I also liked Thai's version of our guinataang bilo-bilo, or in Taal, Batangas, we used to call that "pinindot". It's like putting tapioca balls right into your buko juice. 
See the backdrop? We're off to Thailand!

However, just like in any buffet meals, there are rules. Rules are sacred. At My Thai Kitchen, there are only two rules: No Sharing, No left-over. Well, almost, for how in the world am I going to chew in and digest those pandan leaves, right? If you won't follow with the rules, you'll be charged double the price. And who would want that?
Ate Luisa sure knows how to smile with grace.
The ambience would make you feel like you're in some island in Bangkok or a beach in Phuket. It's clean, neat and homey. With orchid on each table, it'll definitely be perfect for lovers this Valentines. It's great for a truly romantic setting. Dinner buffet starts from 6PM until 9PM daily. 

The two with the purple silk behind them that's uniquely Thai.
My Thai Kitchen is located at the Ground floor of Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas.