Monday, August 7, 2023

Esguerra Farms' Kurobuta Cochinillo


I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings about what I consider the absolutely finest pork available. The Kurobuta pigs from Esguerra Farms are raised in a fashion that just makes you proud—the first of its kind in the country (and probably the only kurobuta farm as of this writing!) The non-use of hormones or antibiotics as well as the fact that pigs have everything they could have sans stress was enough to get me to buy my pork from them. The meat is extremely marbled and a very dark rich color. It’s the best I have ever tasted. I became an instant fan and customer of Korubuta pork.

Sir Hermie Esguerra and Cochinillo

Esguerra Farms' proprietor, Mr. Hermie Esguerra mimics the Japanese method of raising Kurobuta Berkshire pigs which he learned and studied during his visits to Japan. By doing so, the flavor of pork his farm in Lipa City offers is intense, and the texture, is sublime. Their Cochinillo is another story altogether. These are mostly milk-fed, suckling pigs which are brined and roasted for hours until crisp. Their Kurobuta Cochinillo is the first of its kind in the market. I can testify that Esguerra Cochinillo has a natural clean and almost buttery taste. It is also juicier and tastier plus far more tender than the rest I've previously tried in the market.

Esguerra Farms raises Kurobuta, the Japanese term for "black pig." But not just any black pig! Kurobuta is a coveted title reserved for purebred Berkshire pigs raised with the utmost care and accuracy.

The health of the Kurobuta pigs is the first focus at Esguerra Farms. They're enjoying the dream, frolicking freely in Batangas' spacious, stress-free meadows. The barns are deliberately planned to provide little stress during the pigs' many life stages, and these joyful hogs are even offered music therapy.

Esguerra Farms' has an assortment of Kurobuta offerings such as  Tomahawk, coppa, ribeye, and more - each bite is a taste explosion that will leave you wanting more. It's no surprise that top-tier restaurants and elite hotels can't get enough of this premium pork. Esguerra Farms caters to the dietary needs of every Filipino family with domestic cuts and processed foods for health-conscious households. 

If there's a special occasion, don't forget to try their milk-fed Berkshire Suckling Pig, better known as Cochinillo weighing 5 to 10 kilos. It is a treat you don't want to miss!. It's a feast fit for royalty, with crispy skin and juicy, ultra-tender flesh that erupts into delicious savory sensations in your mouth.

Esguerra Farms’ Kurobuta and other meat products, visit the Esguerra Kurobuta Pure Berkshire Meat Shop at Herma Building, located at 94 Scout Rallos Street, Bgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City, or stop by the Esguerra Farms Pasalubong Center, located near the entrance of Esguerra Farms & Stud Inc. along Indian Tree Street, Lipa City, Batangas. You can also place your orders online through its official website,, or reach its sales team via email at

For inquiries, whether retail or wholesale, give Esguerra Farms a call at +63 917 8203382 or +63 917 8524669.