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Emperador De Luxe and Fog City Creamery Artisanal Ice Cream Creates a Luxurious Ice Cream You've got to Try!

Ask anyone to define comfort food, and you're bound to hear a lot of different answers. When it comes down to it though, food that makes people happy and fulfilled is ultimately what makes comfort food so appealing. 

For Ms. Edylyn Gamboa Liu, the proprietor of Fog City Creamery, an artisanal ice cream, comfort food instantly equals hearty San Francisco ice cream that she grew to love during her stay there. "I lived in San Francisco and it was the Mecca for eating healthy and it's known for having the best ice cream in the world. So when I finally went home, I've brought home the passion with me. I wanted to give Manila a taste of San Francisco. In fact, I had started concocting flavors even before I went home," recalls Edylyn. 

When asked about her inspiration on putting up Fog City Creamery, Edylyn says, "I guess what inspired me was the fact that I couldn't get the same kind of ice cream that were served in San Francisco."  It didn't took long before Edylyn's Fog City Creamery got its share of cravings from its consumers. Soon it had become a by-word to the point that it had reached the people behind Emperador Distillers, Inc. 

As we all know, Emperador Distillers, Inc. is the company that brings in world-class liquor products to the Philippine market. Here's a classic case of taking two great things and combining them to make something truly special. Emperador Distillers, Inc. recently partnered with Edylyn's Fog City Creamery to create an honest-to-goodness luxurious ice cream called Fruit and Nuts Deluxe. It's where Emperador Deluxe meets Fog City Artisanal Ice Cream. Think something strange yet oddly compelling. We're in a whole new category of goodness. 

Fog City's Fruit and Nuts Deluxe Ice Cream has the signature touch of Emperador Deluxe's distinct rich flavors which includes Palomino grapes, toffee, almonds and honey. It perfectly complements the taste of different fruits and nuts and the creamy goodness of ice cream. No doubt, Emperador Deluxe and Fog City Creamery raises the limbo bar of innovation when it comes to ice cream desserts. It will keep you reaching for more. After the first scoop, I would strongly suggest cancelling all apointments, and treating yourself to this luxurious ice cream. It seemed like an ordinary ice cream at first sight. But upon the first scoop, you'll know exactly why it's called as such-- a "luxurious ice cream". The moment it touches your palate, it bursts of different flavors to that will leave you totally speechless. So good it was that some of the bloggers who were allergic to things that has alcohol content had totally forgotten about it! They couldn't stop from trying it out themselves. 

"Emperador Deluxe is a luxurious blend from Spain that allows people to savor everyday luxury," says Mr. Edward Gador, Brand Manager for Emperador Deluxe said. "We are very happy to have Fog City Creamery as a partner in achieving this innovative ice cream flavor," adds Mr. Carlos Vergara, Managing Director for International Spirits. 

The best part about this luxurious Fruits and Nuts ice cream from Fog City Creamery? Since they are homemade, Edylyn assures they do not have any stabilizer, no chemicals or artificial flavors. "We do not scrimp on the ingredients because we want to give our customers what they truly deserve," says Edylyn. 
It was made as to how ice creams are supposed to be made. They use California nuts, fresh milk, cream, free-range chicken eggs with their partner farm, chocolates from San Francisco, California and other high-end ingredients. 

"We use the finest and purest ingredients, and meticulously mixed them all together to come up with a fresh new flavor that has depth in taste. With Emperador Deluxe as its main ingredient, we knew this luxurious ice cream would soon be recognized for its uniqueness in taste."  They used gelato machine in order to create this unique ice cream. The only downside is that since it does not have any stabilizer, it melts faster. "Brandy does not freeze. So we really went through trial and error with out kitchen testing and I made a lot of research to get the Science behind it beforeI was able to come up  with Fruits and Nuts Deluxe flavor," shares Edylyn. 

A scoop of Fruits and Nuts Deluxe will definitely change the way you eat ice cream. It gives one a different experience of eating ice cream. It is decadent with dried apricots, pistachios, almonds and of course, its main ingredient--Emperador Deluxe. But when I've tasted them, it seemed to have notes of honey and some citrus too. 

Fog City Ice Cream's Fruits and Nuts Deluxe spells holiday to me anytime of the day. I love how Fog city's less than moderately sweet so you don't get sick of the sugar blast all too quickly, but then again, you find yourself having another scoop too quickly without even knowing. Just make sure you order this artisanal ice cream in advance because people shell out like crazy for them. 

Price range is: 
Half gallon1,300

It may be a bit pricey but I can assure you, you'll get exactly what you're paying for. It's all worth the price--so yes, go ahead and indulge! 

To experience this luxurious ice cream and place an order, call (+632) 729-9403 or. Mobile (0917) 883-3344

For more information on Emperador Deluxe, visit
 or follow them on Facebook at

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Gavino's Japanese Donuts: A Delightful Twist for Donut Lovers

Don't let its unique shape fool you. Gavino's Japanese Donuts may looked like cute flower rings to begin with, but let it be known that it's made up of honest-to-goodness Japanese inspired Mochi Rings and Balls made from premium ingredients. With unique flavors such as Green Tea Cheesecake (a Must-Try), Pork Floss (which was so good, it had the savory flavor that's so addicting), Parmesan Glazed, Strawberry Gummy, Triple Chocolate,M and M's, Hazelnut and Choco Almond to name a few--you can never go wrong with Gavino's Japanese Donuts! 

An interesting twist to the classic donuts, the last time I remember getting this excited over a reinvention was when I've tried an artisanal ice cream, and I must say, I was incredibly pleased with the marriage of chewy and doughy donuts filled with various flavors, both sweet and savory. In fact, I can't say I've tried anything like it, which is reason enough for Gavino's to earn top marks from me. Oh, and don't forget to order Mochi Balls as well. Mochi Balls come in Bavarian, Red Velvet, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Green Tea, Strawberry, Swiss Mocha, Choco Lava flavors. There are also exciting and unique flavors that will piqued your interest such asThe Venetian, Red Velvet Pistachio and Black Forest. Hmm...with loads of interesting flavors to choose from sold at very reasonable prices, you won't be afraid to come over to try the rest of their Gavino's Japanese Donuts flavors again and again. 

The best thing about Gavino's Japanese Donuts, although they are a bit chewy, they are not tough. So you don't have to worry, it's not the rubbery kind. And even if you put them inside the fridge overnight, they'd still taste just as good and chewy as the first time you've bought them. 

Get your Gavino's Japanese Donuts fix at the following locations: 
Il Terrazo Timog, Unimart, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila, Rustans Katipunan, Landmark Trinoma, Lucky Chinatown Mall, SM Southmall and SM Megamall. 

For orders, call 477-9275/414-4491

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Yoshinoya Budget-Friendly Japanese Fast Food Meals

Back in 2001, I was one of the first ones who discovered Yoshinoya at their first branch in the country at the ground floor of SM Megamall. At that time, Gyudon beef bowls weren't a household word yet. But I used to frequent SM Megamall for those delicious beef bowls! I could vividly recall I liked pairing them with the signature Yoshinoya red ginger strips which comes free as side dish. I would wash it down with a glass of Yoshinoya's iced green tea or red tea. 

Throughout the years, Yoshinoya's menu has greatly improved, both in number and in taste. They now offer an array of Japanese-inspired affordable meals. There's a selection of salads for the health-conscious ones, there's Bento (set meals) meals to make things easy on the pocket. They have noodle soup dishes too, maki, pork katsudon, beef yakiniku, chicken teriyaki, miso soup. coffee jellies, shrimp tempura, even sherbets for desserts.

The best thing about Yoshinoya is that although they have developed new dishes as part of their menu, they have remained very affordable without sacrificing their quality. They are also consistent in taste and flavor. Plus, they never cease to give its customers different promos to help them save more money by offering budget-friendly meals. 

Come and visit any of Yoshinoya's six branches: SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Galleria, Glorietta 1, SM North Edsa and SM Manila.
For delivery orders, call 288-2888

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Clucky's Korean Fried Chicken: Authentic, Fresh and Affordable

Joining the roster of restaurants in SM City North Edsa-Annex is Clucky's, a casual dining place that serves comforting flavors of Asian fusion (mostly Korean food). A family-run restaurant, Clucky's is bright, fun and comfy resto, the kind of place that everyone enjoys, be they having lunch with friends or colleagues, a family enjoying a weekend out or a couple on a casual date. 

Clucky's is a partner of Mad for Chicken--one of the most famous Korean fried chicken brands in the US. Clucky's proudly serves their dishes flavored with Mad for Chicken sauce--an authentic secret sauce recipe made only from the finest ingredients found only in Korea.

Clucky's burst into the local restaurant scene like a breath of fresh air, giving diners especially the Korean foodie enthusiasts something to be happy about. Expect to spend a few minutes trying to figure out exactly what you want from their menu, as the choices are many, and each one is equally enticing. 

You know that your dining experience is off to a wonderful start when you're personally welcomed into the restaurant and attended by its own owners. After a brief chat, we've discovered that Clucky's is owned by MJ and K which meant Multiple J's (the three owners' initials starts with letter J) and their cousin Kirby which obviously stands for the letter K. And just when you thought the conversation couldn't get any better, then came the food.

Must try dishes include the Clucky's signature dish: the juicy yet flavorful and perfectly seasoned Korean-style fried chicken in either soy or spicy (a choice of wings, drums or tenders). After my first few bites, I stared tenderly into my plate all cleaned up. I didn't know what happened but it felt like I'm some machine gun and Clucky's chicken is my ammo. 

If you aren't a fan of strong sweet and tangy flavors on your protein, you can skip Clucky's chicken and go for healthier choices like the vegetarian fare of Clucky's House Salad (fruits in season on a bed of greens and sesame vinaigrette) instead. 

For those who's on-the-go and would just simply grab a bite, go for Clucky's yummy chicken or fish burger. A choice of chicken or fish patty marinated on the same Mad for Chicken secret sauce (available in soy or spicy) sandwiched between immaculate fluffy buns, greens with all the trimmings--it is best paired with a side of Clucky's fat and addicting New York style Parmesan fries served with spicy mayo dip. Or you can choose to pair it up with aioli or honey mustard dip instead. Oh, all these foods will lull you right into the zone after such a comforting meal! 

For something more protein-packed, there's Clucky's special signature omelette. Omelettes are especially pleasing to the eye, their spicy mayo were drizzled on top of scrambled eggs and the fillings were carefully placed inside but you can see them oozing out because Clucky's do not scrimp on ingredients. It is another outstanding dish with a choice of Corn and Mushroom omelette, Tomato and Onion omelette,  and Kimchi omelette. Yes, you read that right! There really is a kimchi omelette.

The Kimchi Omelette was a revelation--even those who had never even had kimchi in their lifetime might like kimchi omelette. A fellow food blogger who hasn't truly appreciated kimchi before instantly loved it! He became a convert all because of this awesome omelette I've been raving about. Even if you aren't a fan of spicy food, (it's not too spicy anyway) you'll definitely enjoy it.  Clucky's Kimchi Omelette is extremely satisfying. With kimchi and the creamy texture of the egg and cheese mixed together to form a rich combination, the whole thing on a blanket of egg--it's a pretty intense dish, one guaranteed to start your day on a good note. It'll even perk you up what with a mild spicy kick. OMG! I just got hungry writing all that down. Speaking of kimchi, you can also find a rare Kimchi Fried Rice at Clucky's, as well as sumptuous Bulgogi Rice topping (at P139 each). 

We ended our meal with a chorus of a hearty burp! As we polish off the last morsel of food on our plates, we tried Clucky's premium homemade gelato. It comes in different flavors such as Dark Chocolate, Oreo Cheesecake, Banoffee, Coffee Choco Crunch and Salted Caramel. At P69 per small cup, it's a bit expensive. But then with texture so rich--bursting with flavors that melts in your mouth upon spoonful, you're bound to get some more. Its creamy rich texture made such an indulgent treat. And I like the subtle sweetness of milk and cream, Clucky's gelato stole my heart. I've always said I'm not fond of sweets, but it's such a perfect way to cap off a great meal at Clucky's indeed. 

Come and visit Clucky's at the Upper Ground Floor of The Annex--SM City North Edsa, Quezon City. You could also visit their first branch in Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas (near Meralco). 

By the way, Clucky's has an ongoing promo where they'll be giving away gift certificates once they reach their first 1,000 likes on their Facebook Fan Page. So if you'd like to win some freebies, go ahead and click that Like button for Clucky's. 

For more info, please call 351-3368/0905-2842479
Like them on Facebook:
Follow them on Twitter: @cluckys

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shake and Roll dance tutorial now up on Youtube

Potato Chips fans can snack like never before with World Hip Hop champions The Crew, in their fun tutorial video for the funky dance created exclusively for Shake and Roll. Angel, Miko, Von, Chinky and Miah of The Crew choreographed catchy steps—open, season, seal, shake and roll—to creatively capture the snack’s one-of-a-kind packaging.

In the short YouTube clip, the Shake and Roll brand ambassadors invite everyone to put on their dancing shoes and let loose as they demonstrate the routine with their fancy footwork. Then they go through the moves one step at a time to make the dance easy to learn.

Whether a dance aficionado or someone who just loves to move to the beat, you too can learn this fun routine that come with a global stamp of approval, with The Crew being internationally-acclaimed performers.

In fact, anyone can channel their inner performer and nail these dynamic moves in no time with this instructional video, backed by an infectious pop tune and supplied with beginner-friendly directions.
“Snacking is more fun when shared, especially when it’s through a shared experience like dancing with your friends,” says Angel.

Check out the video at  and share the Shake and Roll experience with your own crew today! Shake & Roll is sold for P35 (SRP) at groceries nationwide and comes in two unique flavors, Salmon Sushi and Unagi Kabayaki.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Favorite Plates are Available To-Go at Marriott Cafe

Marriott Manila’s main outlet Marriott Café can turn your parties into lavish celebrations with gastronomic delights you have come to enjoy – wherever you may be! From intimate events to large gatherings, you can experience a magnificent spread that will make your events all the more extraordinary. Feed a party of 10, 15, or 20 people with gourmet choices that will fill your guests to their hearts’ content.

Allow for a Japanese culinary treat with Assorted Sashimi Platter (P6500 for 15 persons), a mix of salmon, tuna, and snapper sashimi; or Sushi Platter (P6000 for 15 persons) with an assortment of ebi sushi, tuna sushi, California maki roll, and spicy salmon roll. Sample the freshest catch of the sea mixed with the enticing flavors of Baked Whole Salmon Fillet (P6500 for 10 persons) and Gambas al Ajillo (P6000 for 10 persons). For those yearning for a taste of Italy with a twist, scrumptious dishes such as Linguine with Shrimp in Garlic & Olive Oil (P5200 for 15 persons) and Ocean’s Harvest Lasagna (P6000 for 15 persons) may satisfy your pasta cravings. And for those who want to bring home our renowned Slow Roasted US Prime Rib, now it’s possible! Available in whole (P19300 for 20 persons) or half (P9500 for 8-10 persons) servings, this succulent dish comes with corn on the cob, mashed or roasted potato, glazed carrots, and buttered vegetables. You may also choose your sauces from pepper cream sauce or wild mushroom sauce.

Everyone’s favorite dishes are now available for take-away, from Assorted Sushi and Sashimi Platters, to delicious Italian dishes with a twist such as Linguine with Shrimp in Garlic & Olive Oil and Ocean’s Harvest Lasagna, and even US Roasted Prime Rib! Prices start at P5,200 and are good for 10-20 people. 

Plan your events and call at 9889999 at least 24 hours before your party, so you can pick up your freshly cooked meals at Marriott Café on the day of your event! It is undeniable that Marriott can deliver nothing but distinct epicurian elegance in their dishes.


Thai Feast at Thai Bistro

Savor the goodness of Thailand at Thai Bistro located at the Robinson's Magnolia Garden area. With over 150 dishes to choose from, even the hungriest foodies with the most discriminating palates will find something to satisfy them. Their roti are surefire hit for starters while their Pad Thai is a must-have and certainly their best seller. Green chicken curry is straight out of Thai cuisine and can keep you warm on a rainy day, not to mention gives you that kick each time you crave for something spicy. 

Take a break from your diet and reward yourself with their mouthwatering chicken satay. Don't miss their Takhoo Thai-a tapioca pearl based dessert with hints of corn and coconut milk or try their sticky rice with mango in coconut milk. Then cap off your meal with dessert and tea therapy--brewed pandan, lemongrass and tea (not your usual add water kind of sweet iced tea thing). 

Experience Thailand with the restaurant's spacious dining area (with an option to go al fresco), generous servings and swift service! The only set-back: our inability to connect to their slow free wifi connection.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions and impressions are 100% my own.