Friday, November 29, 2013

Clucky's Korean Fried Chicken: Authentic, Fresh and Affordable

Joining the roster of restaurants in SM City North Edsa-Annex is Clucky's, a casual dining place that serves comforting flavors of Asian fusion (mostly Korean food). A family-run restaurant, Clucky's is bright, fun and comfy resto, the kind of place that everyone enjoys, be they having lunch with friends or colleagues, a family enjoying a weekend out or a couple on a casual date. 

Clucky's is a partner of Mad for Chicken--one of the most famous Korean fried chicken brands in the US. Clucky's proudly serves their dishes flavored with Mad for Chicken sauce--an authentic secret sauce recipe made only from the finest ingredients found only in Korea.

Clucky's burst into the local restaurant scene like a breath of fresh air, giving diners especially the Korean foodie enthusiasts something to be happy about. Expect to spend a few minutes trying to figure out exactly what you want from their menu, as the choices are many, and each one is equally enticing. 

You know that your dining experience is off to a wonderful start when you're personally welcomed into the restaurant and attended by its own owners. After a brief chat, we've discovered that Clucky's is owned by MJ and K which meant Multiple J's (the three owners' initials starts with letter J) and their cousin Kirby which obviously stands for the letter K. And just when you thought the conversation couldn't get any better, then came the food.

Must try dishes include the Clucky's signature dish: the juicy yet flavorful and perfectly seasoned Korean-style fried chicken in either soy or spicy (a choice of wings, drums or tenders). After my first few bites, I stared tenderly into my plate all cleaned up. I didn't know what happened but it felt like I'm some machine gun and Clucky's chicken is my ammo. 

If you aren't a fan of strong sweet and tangy flavors on your protein, you can skip Clucky's chicken and go for healthier choices like the vegetarian fare of Clucky's House Salad (fruits in season on a bed of greens and sesame vinaigrette) instead. 

For those who's on-the-go and would just simply grab a bite, go for Clucky's yummy chicken or fish burger. A choice of chicken or fish patty marinated on the same Mad for Chicken secret sauce (available in soy or spicy) sandwiched between immaculate fluffy buns, greens with all the trimmings--it is best paired with a side of Clucky's fat and addicting New York style Parmesan fries served with spicy mayo dip. Or you can choose to pair it up with aioli or honey mustard dip instead. Oh, all these foods will lull you right into the zone after such a comforting meal! 

For something more protein-packed, there's Clucky's special signature omelette. Omelettes are especially pleasing to the eye, their spicy mayo were drizzled on top of scrambled eggs and the fillings were carefully placed inside but you can see them oozing out because Clucky's do not scrimp on ingredients. It is another outstanding dish with a choice of Corn and Mushroom omelette, Tomato and Onion omelette,  and Kimchi omelette. Yes, you read that right! There really is a kimchi omelette.

The Kimchi Omelette was a revelation--even those who had never even had kimchi in their lifetime might like kimchi omelette. A fellow food blogger who hasn't truly appreciated kimchi before instantly loved it! He became a convert all because of this awesome omelette I've been raving about. Even if you aren't a fan of spicy food, (it's not too spicy anyway) you'll definitely enjoy it.  Clucky's Kimchi Omelette is extremely satisfying. With kimchi and the creamy texture of the egg and cheese mixed together to form a rich combination, the whole thing on a blanket of egg--it's a pretty intense dish, one guaranteed to start your day on a good note. It'll even perk you up what with a mild spicy kick. OMG! I just got hungry writing all that down. Speaking of kimchi, you can also find a rare Kimchi Fried Rice at Clucky's, as well as sumptuous Bulgogi Rice topping (at P139 each). 

We ended our meal with a chorus of a hearty burp! As we polish off the last morsel of food on our plates, we tried Clucky's premium homemade gelato. It comes in different flavors such as Dark Chocolate, Oreo Cheesecake, Banoffee, Coffee Choco Crunch and Salted Caramel. At P69 per small cup, it's a bit expensive. But then with texture so rich--bursting with flavors that melts in your mouth upon spoonful, you're bound to get some more. Its creamy rich texture made such an indulgent treat. And I like the subtle sweetness of milk and cream, Clucky's gelato stole my heart. I've always said I'm not fond of sweets, but it's such a perfect way to cap off a great meal at Clucky's indeed. 

Come and visit Clucky's at the Upper Ground Floor of The Annex--SM City North Edsa, Quezon City. You could also visit their first branch in Rockwell Business Center, Ortigas (near Meralco). 

By the way, Clucky's has an ongoing promo where they'll be giving away gift certificates once they reach their first 1,000 likes on their Facebook Fan Page. So if you'd like to win some freebies, go ahead and click that Like button for Clucky's. 

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