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Food Review: Minute Burger's Taste of the World in New Brioche Buns

Are you craving for premium specialty burgers without burning a hole in your pockets? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you've got to head off to the nearest Minute Burger branch now! Minute Burger is a burger brand that me and my family had grown to love all these years. If I remember it right, I was only about 6-years-old when I had my taste of this awesome burger. So when I had a taste of their latest premium burgers, I couldn't believe it at first that they've got the first of its kind to offer brioche buns on their premium burgers at buy one, take one! Yes, All their burgers are sold Buy 1, Take 1. How's that for your money's value right? Best of all, they've got four incredibly delicious flavors to choose from: Bacon Cheeseburger (America) (Sold at Php61), Black Pepper  Burger (Php55) (India), Beef Pizza Burger (Italy) (php59) and Crispy Chicken Burger with Roasted Sesame (Japan) (php58). Dubbed as "Taste of the World," one doesn't need to travel far and wide to experience the awesome flavors of each country because Minute Burger has now made them available in premium burger patties in brioche buns.

 Minute Burger's latest offer; Taste of the World with burgers from four countries

So what exactly is a Brioche bun? In case you're not familiar with it, Brioche /ˈbrʃ/ is a pastry bread from France that is similar to a highly enriched bread whose egg and butter
and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb. Its light and somewhat puffy because of the proportion of butter and eggs. It has a dark, golden and flaky crust, usually accentuated by an egg wash as the bread's proofing.

Mr. Odie Dela Cruz, Branc Manager of Minute Burger

According to Mr. Odie Dela Cruz, Minute Burger's brand manager, Minute Burger welcomes the challenges brought about by the present times and they too adapts to current food innovations. "We focus on formulating new products routinely because we also understand the need for change as consumers nowadays are becoming more and more discriminating when it comes to taste. As our competitors does the same things, it's imperative to change and innovate ours too. But at the same time, the favorite ones will always be made available," shares Mr. Dela Cruz during the Minute Burger Taste of the World re-launch. 

Four exciting flavors to choose from: Bacon Cheeseburger, Black Pepper Burger, Crispy Chicken Burger and Beef Pizza Burger

"The new brioche bread buns enhances the overall taste and appearance of all four BIG TIME sandwiches, masking our premium burgers more enticing and tempting to eat," he says. "As a brand, we think of different and creative ways to stay true to our slogan which is Sulit Sarap Kasama. Our Taste of the World campaign justifies our commitment to always surprise and delight our consumers," adds Dela Cruz. 

Minute Burger's Taste the World Premium Burgers sets your tongue on a trip

Now let's get it on to the main business. There is a reason why you're reading this food blog. For starters, there are FOUR different varieties of Taste the World Minute Burger Premium Big Time Burgers, namely: Bacon Cheeseburger, Beef Pizza Burger, Beef Pepper, and Crispy Chicken Burger. 

Bacon Cheeseburger in Brioche Bun (USA)

Minute Burger's Bacon Cheeseburger in Brioche bun

The Burger Breakdown...

The Beef: The 8-ounce patty was strongly beefy in taste. The burger patty was juicy, and this was re-enforced by the moist, light and somewhat fluffy brioche bun. The burger patty was just firm enough to linger on the palate and hold its own with all the goodness of the filling. The beef patty was lightly seasoned and had a nice char to it. 

The bun delivered more of a premium bread than your typical burger bun. There's a bit more softness and give to it along with a slight sweetness. It's pretty top notch if you ask me. 

As for the Bacon Cheeseburger, it definitely took over every crevice of the sandwich and even after scraping off a good amount of it, there was still more of it. It's salty and a little smoky with the appropriate thickness and meaty texture. The slice of bacon serves as a bright spot on this burger. I liked the beef patty: it was ground to a coarse grind that lends a bit of texture without falling apart. I liked that the bacon was fried crispy and the Brioche bun was fairly fresh and soft. While I liked the crispy texture, the bacon wasn't bacon-y enough: not enough bacon flavor. Perhaps, you may consider that bias because I'm not much of a bacon fan. 

Crispy Chicken with Roasted Sesame (Japan)

Minute Burger's Crispy Chicken with Roasted Sesame in Brioche bun

For the Chicken Burger Patty, some people question the difference between a chicken sandwich and a chicken burger. Basically, a chicken sandwich is usually made with a whole piece of chicken while a chicken burger is made with ground chicken.

From texture perspective, the ground chicken patty isn't too far off from the easy chew of  Minute Burger's beef burgers. Flavorwise, it's a step up from the value menu spongey breaded chicken. The Crispy Chicken with Roasted Sesame dressing comes with shredded coleslaw. And yes, there's an upgrade with the brioche style bun. Although I would've wanted to have an extra zing, but I was told there used to be a Wasabi flavored mayo when they were starting to try it in the market. Unfortunately, consumers aren't ready yet for that kind of food fusion. Hence, they've decided to ditch the wasabi mayo and settled for the friendlier sesame mayo. 

Minute Burger's Crispy Chicken with Roasted Sesame burger feels like it fits well with the Minute Burger menu. It's a decent new addition that isn't designed to shock you with novelty or try too hard to be "premium."

Beef Pizza Burger (Italy)

Minute Burger's Beef Pizza Burger in Brioche bun

As the name suggests, it's a burger with all the goodness of pizza in burger buns. So how do I find it? Lots of cheese. A lot of cheese and some peppery stuff. It's a bit spicy for some (although not for me as i have really high tolerance when it comes to anything with a zing!. It's typically something you'd want to eat after a depressing day. If someone blindfolded me and asked what it was, I'd probably say a pizza or anything pizza-ish. Basically, it still tastes like a coagulated mass of cheese, pizza sauce, spices, beef patty in brioche bun.

Black Pepper Burger (India)

Minute Burger's Black Pepper Burger in Brioche bun

Black Pepper Burger. So if you think it is a mouthful, does the burger match up? The burger is a mouthful. Yes, it was fully rounded, robust burger leaving me wanting for more. It gave a taste that I've expected and more. Nice smokey, pepper flavored sauce smothered with caramelized onions! I couldn't ask for more! I even saw some small bits of what looked to be freshly cracked pepper. 

What I loved about Minute Burger's take on Black Pepper Burger was that they kept it fairly simple. To start, between the cheese and the peppercorn sauce, there's a definite hint of black pepper in every bite--enough to tingle and was bursting with flavors, thus giving your palate some kind of exercise. Inside, the caramelized onions were sweet, tender and easily bitten through. It offered a nice smoky flavor which perfectly complements the brioche bun.

Minute Burger's Frutwist, the juice with Vitamin C

Oh, and it felt good to wash all the burgers down with Minute Burger's FruTwist juice. It's concentrated juice loaded with vitamin C. You can find this and it is available in all their branches nationwide. 

Minute Burger's Frutwist goes well with some potato chips

Author Purple Plum Fairy gives Minute Burger's taste of the World Premium Burgers a thumbs up

Being a fan of burgers, it's no surprise that I enjoyed trying out all these Minute Burgers' Taste of the World Premium burgers. Overall, Minute Burger does a pretty good job in upgrading their burgers which allows customers a fair amount of tinkering to suit our tastes. While all the burgers are good, they taste fairly different: you're never going to confuse one with the other.

With improved premium burgers at unbelievably steal prices, what more can you ask for? And with Taste of the World burgers, my taste buds need not go far and travel to such places. I'd only had to rush to the nearest Minute Burger branch and get my cravings satisfied. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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