Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The facade of the Sumo Sam Gateway Mall branch

There is something about Japanese cuisine that makes me tongue-tied. It could be because of the intricate fruit carvings, delicately hand-rolled sushi and thinly sliced sashimi showing little art masterpieces on each plate that always seem to heighten my excitement and tease my palate to give each dish a try. The said temptation intensifies as soon as I get a whiff of the wasabi and miso broth wafting into the air. Such smell somehow prepares my tastebuds for the complex flavors that awaits diners at the newly opened Sumo Sam branch in Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao.

Mr. Marvin Agustin and the Sumo Sam executives.

Sumo Sam's President/Owner actor/entrepreneur Mr. Marvin Agustin with the Sumo Sam executives. 

As soon as you open the door and step inside Sumo Sam, the first thing you’ll notice are the bright red interiors with touches of modern Japanese architectural design. The ambiance is one of the things to consider in choosing a date spot, and you’ll never go wrong with Sumo Sam’s Gateway branch. Sumo Sam has an elegant, classy yet relaxing atmosphere, with its modern and neat interiors.
Cozy nice interiors.

Chopsticks can be found even on their walls.
The Sumo Sam experience begins the minute you approaches your seat where you’ll be welcomed by the staff with smiling faces, ready to offer you assistance. The instant you set foot in its walls, you feel instantly welcomed. And to me, that’s real customer service.

Sumo Sam's Hot Prawn Salad

My eyes were drawn to the Sumo Sam Hot Prawn Salad, which bursts in colors and flavors. Served on a bed of lettuce, the orange prawn on top, the pink tuna cubes, chopped brown nuts, red cherry tomatoes, and yellow citrus slices was such a delightful way to start your meal!

Sumo Sam Spicy Tuna Salad

As if that Sumo Sam Hot Prawn Salad was not enough, we were then served another salad called Spicy Tuna Salad. This dish had given me the surprise of my life. Served with lettuce, tuna flakes and some spicy dressing topped with bits of crunchy tempura batter. Spicy food enthusiasts will surely enlist this as their favorite Sumo Sam dish. 

Tuna and Pink Salmon Sashimi with slices of Lemon and Wasabi.
Tuna Sushi with dip.

The shrimp tempura is simply delish! Do I need to say more? Here’s a proof: the tempura was so good that I was not able to take a photo of the dish. Most items on Sumo Sam’s menu are already good for two to three persons. You can expect straightforward food, served in a casual and contemporary setting. Other big hits on their menu includes the tummy-filling Yakisoba with onion-thin fish strips as toppings, sweet and tasty Chicken Teriyaki, succulent and yummy Beef Gyudon bowl with Nori Strips toppings, a boat of mixed tuna sushi and sashimi with fresh lemon slices and wasabi on the side, and Japanese fried rice with loads of bits and pieces of ingredients such as shrimps, chicken, mushrooms, etc.
Sumo Sam's Chicken Teri
Sumo Sam's Beef Gyudon

Sumo Sam's Gyoza with dip.

Sumo Sam's Yakisoba

Indeed, with the presence of Sumo Sam (Gateway is their 11th branch with more plans of expanding soon, even abroad—according to Sumo Sam’s President actor/entrepreneur Mr. Marvin Agustin who graced the said event), diners and Japanese food enthusiasts don’t have to fly all the way to Japan to get a taste of some authentic Japanese food. Discover heaps of Japanese food fusion/inspired dishes at Sumo Sam. And as a way to end our pleasant Sumo Sam Japanese food tripping, we had carved fruits as desserts.

Intricately carved fruits with bits of ice.

As I bid my foodies and blogger friends goodbye, Ms. Tina Papera of Sumo Sam asks if I had a great meal and tells me to come visit them again. Well, what do I say? I most certainly will! 

The author, Purple Plum Fairy with Sumo Sam's Ms. Kristina Andrea Papera.

Purple Plum Fairy says Arigato Gozaimasu to Ms. Tina Papera of Sumo Sam, Mr. Marvin Agustin and the staff of Sumo Sam Gateway mall branch.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

C2 Milk Tea: A Review

A solo bottle of C2 Milk Tea
I've been looking for this drink ever since I saw this on advertisement. So when I found one, I immediately purchased it. It looked so cute being on a solo C2. And as a huge fan of Nai Cha, I instantly fell in love with it. I liked its taste, it had the freshness of tea drink and the creaminess of milk in one small bottle. It's perfect because it's light-weight. So go ahead and quench your summer thirst with the new C2 Milky Tea. It's the goodness of Nai Cha in every bottle.