Wednesday, December 22, 2010

White Hat Italian Yogurt

The White Hat yogurts
Yogurts are such a craze! A proof that people nowadays are getting more health-conscious. It's got good bacterias needed by the body and so much more as compared to the typical ice cream. It may cost you some more bucks, but what's that compared to the health benefits it could give? Even kids like Kyle loved yogurts. I used to think at yogurt the other way--knowing they're sour...I didn't know it could also taste sweet and creamy just like an ordinary ice cream, only better...What's more, you could choose healthy toppings too like cereals, fruits, cranberries and almonds...How's that? You really can't go wrong with yogurts like Italian brand The White Hat....

Kyle enjoys a cup of White Hat yogurt with Kiwi toppings.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Marty's Baconette Strips by Oishi

I suppose we all love bacon. Those thin strips of pork fat could easily make you salivate, right? But then, we need to take care of our health. Easier said than done? Seeing Marty's Baconette strips in its crunchy goodness was like heaven sent. Just like the first Marty's--the vegetarian pork rind (chicharon) version Oishi made with vegetarian and health-conscious in mind, Baconette is addicting. You'll keep coming back for more. What's more? It looks exactly like the real thing, only crispier.  However, I do hope Oishi will make a smaller pack of Baconette. Or perhaps a trial size, for those who would like to taste it and haven't tried it yet. But for Baconette-addicts like me, I'd like the huge package better so that i can share it with friends.

Oishi Marty's Baconette is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

No-Cook Bacon Mushroom Vegetable Fusilli Pasta

                                         Bacon Mushroom Vegetable Fusilli Pasta

Bacon bits
Julienne sliced carrots
Boiled broccoli florets
Fusilli (spiral) pasta (cooked according to package instructions)
Sliced button mushrooms
Sliced red and green bell peppers
Nestle All Purpose Cream
Maggi Magic Sarap
Salt and pepper
Grated cheddar cheese
1 can of Cream of Mushroom
Chopped parsley

Mix the Cream of Mushroom and Nestle All Purpose Cream. Pour the mixture into the pasta. Continue mixing while putting the rest of the ingredients together. For garnishing: Garnish it with parsley in the middle and put sliced red and green bell peppers around it. Dash a few bacon bits and grated cheese on top.

Try this easy-to-do recipe, enjoy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yummy Magazine Cooking Demo

Food aficionados, rejoice! Summit Media's Yummy Magazine invites all foodie lovers out there to come and join them as they hold cooking demos in three different venues in the metro. Learn new Christmas recipes from Chef Katherine Jao as she dishes out new delicious recipes for your family's Noche Buena.

Here's the schedule:

December 11 (Saturday)--Market! Market!
December 12 (Sunday)--Shopwise Cubao
December 18 (Saturday)--Robinson's Metro East

All cooking demos will be at 3PM.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Latest Food Craze: Twistix 100 % Natural Potato

It's the newest craze to hit the market today...Yes, potato chips lovers, we have a reason to rejoice! I have recently stumbled upon one of the many Twistix Potato kiosks when I met with my sister at the Gateway Mall's Food Express last week. I saw the long lines for that particular booth and I got curious. Then, I saw the thinly sliced twisted potatoes in a stick. I decided I really had to try this new food craze. I was surprised to learn later that Twistix potatoes are available in different flavors: cheese, barbecue, sour cream, pizza, ketsup, and sweet and spicy.

I asked my sister if she wanted to try Twistix too, she told me she was already full, but later on decided to try a few bites of the chips. While  waiting for my turn to order, I had just one problem...I forgot to bring my digicam as I really didn't think I'd be staying at Food Express for so long. But seeing Twistix for the first time, I regret not bringing my digicam with me so that I could take photos of Twistix myself. The ones I posted here were simply taken from the Twistix Facebook account. Anyway, enough of my desire to blog the chips.

Even TV personality and Eat Bulaga Mainstay Brazillian model Daiana Meneses is a Twistix fan.

When it was my time to order, my order was twisted in front of me. I saw how things were done and I'd have to say it was amazing. It was like seeing a flower bud bloom. I don't know, I've never seen anything like it before. Then, they had my potatoes deep fried. When it was done, they asked what flavor do I want. i love cheese but my sister likes barbecue, we asked the staff if we could have both flavors on one stick, they said it was okay. It was crunchy and tasty. I've always loved potato chips and fries. This is one heavenly snack I'd love to bring to the movies. It felt like eating barbecue sticks, except that it's honest-to-goodness potato chips you're snacking on.

Twistix caters to all ages, sizes and genders. It's for the entire family. A small order will only cost P45, for regular order P55 and a large order is only P70. That's value for money considering you can share a single stick with almost everyone.

Twistix in cheese and Barbecue flavors.

Before leaving the Gateway Food Express that night, I no longer wonder why Twistix had become a craze. Customers flock to its food kiosks because they want to grab a bite of the chips and be entertained by how potatoes are twisted right infront of them. With such unique way of presenting potatoes, Kebab-style--I bet it will soon have its cult following. I vow to try on other flavors soon...

Twistix has 25 branches in Metro Manila. You may visit them at SM Fairview, Alabang Town Center, Gateway Mall among other branches. Grab a bite of chips at a branch near you.

Special thanks to Twistix Facebook administrator for the photos. Like them on Facebook and be a fan.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Brothers Burger Happy Hours

Here's a deal you don't want to miss from Brothers Burgers! 

Every evening, from December 1-10, 2010 from 6PM up to 9PM, you can indulge your cravings for a Big Brothers Burgers after work. So go ahead and treat your friends out to the best burger in town, or bring some home to your family.

Participating stores: Megamall, Marquee, Convergys, Nuvali, Tomas Morato, Malate and Capitol Hills only.

This offer is valid for both dine-in and take out orders only.

Mouth-watering burger from Brothers Burgers.
Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

OMG: I'm joining a cooking contest this week!

Yup, you're reading my title right. I am not prepared to join a cooking contest but I seem like I have no choice. My aunt and my Mom have both registered and they needed a third party, so they had asked me to join them. I honestly did not want to, I didn't like the pressure involved in it. I actually haven't given them my nod, but they had me listed already. Isn't that clear they had decided for me? What are the preparations?

Geez, I don't even know what to cook. I guess this is my karmic debts as I had previously enlisted my mom along with a friend to join a cook-off some months ago. So it's pay-back time for my Mom with the help of my aunt this time. We should be done in 15 minutes, we need a dish, something that's for the Christmas season. I had no idea what to do. A friend of mine suggested I do a vegetable pasta mixture because it's really very colorful and would surely enliven any Christmas banquet. It seemed like a nice idea except that we need to incorporate the sponsors to our list of ingredients. Hmmm, sounds pretty easy right? Nah! If you're on my shoes you'd know what I'm talking about.

With two oldies who aren't exactly kitchen experts, I had to do everything else from researching the recipe to actually training the two prior to the contest proper. And I had to think for its presentation as well. My Aunt never goes beyond the "frying and boiling" stage. At her age, (she's about early 50's), her expertise includes hotdogs, omelet (never sunny side up) and reheating of cooked foodies. My Mom knows a little, she's good in pinakbet and fried lumpiang shanghai. But more than that, I don't know...

Guys, please wish me luck. I do not intend to win this game, but I will try. What I had in mind is to get this  thing over and done with, because I just can't stand to join a contest if I knew little of it. I do hope that they have at least a consolation prize to look forward to. Wish me luck, and please pray for me...