Wednesday, December 22, 2010

White Hat Italian Yogurt

The White Hat yogurts
Yogurts are such a craze! A proof that people nowadays are getting more health-conscious. It's got good bacterias needed by the body and so much more as compared to the typical ice cream. It may cost you some more bucks, but what's that compared to the health benefits it could give? Even kids like Kyle loved yogurts. I used to think at yogurt the other way--knowing they're sour...I didn't know it could also taste sweet and creamy just like an ordinary ice cream, only better...What's more, you could choose healthy toppings too like cereals, fruits, cranberries and almonds...How's that? You really can't go wrong with yogurts like Italian brand The White Hat....

Kyle enjoys a cup of White Hat yogurt with Kiwi toppings.


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