Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sizzlin' Steak's Me Gusta Food Review: One Hearty Crowd Pleaser

When I first tried Sizzlin' Steak's Beef Meals, I've found it not only enticing but also exciting. Although I had to confess that I'm not really a big fan of beef dishes, I was glad that Sizzlin' Steak in some ways had revolutionize the way diners regard and appreciate beef dishes. In fact,    with Sizzlin' Steak' signature style of its 'choose-your-own-sauce' adventure, I would often find myself having my hot beef plates drenched in their chili oil and sizzlin' steak sauce or gravy sauce or if I feel like having them sweet, settle for the sweet and savory Teriyaki sauce. For me, Sizzlin' Steak sort of broke the glass ceiling because they had introduced sizzling food which used to be perceived as rather ordinary into something as personalized with their signature special sauces.  That being said, Sizzlin' Steak adds up another exciting meal to try called Me Gusta (Spanish for "I like.") which is a meal comprised with beef strips, boiled egg, sliced lemon and Spanish rice. Sizzlin' Steak's Me Gusta meal is perfect for those with a hearty appetite as it provides delicious, high quality beef meals that will give them more value for their money. 

Sizzlin' Steak's sizzlin meals are all cooked to juicy perfection and  makes use only of the best ingredients. Complementing its impressive selection of meats are other dishes that will also leave anyone very satisfied like the nachos, pasta, salads and soup. But what firs timers should not miss out on when they visit the restaurant is the Sizzlin' Beef Rice and while they're still on promo, try their Me Gusta meal. Hurry though because Me Gusta will only be available until June 10, 2016! 

I'm pretty sure that the meat lover in you will be satisfied. Sizzlin' Steak beef strips melts in your mouth (not sinewy) and it only takes one bite for its mild and distinct aroma to pierce the nostrils. A healthier alternative would be their chicken steak dish; it is more muted (using lean white chicken) but still goes well with any of their secret sauces. 

To cap things off, diners may indulge in their selection of desserts such as New York Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Turtle Cheesecake and their equally sinful ice cream choices. Oh and I highly suggest you wolf down your meals with Sizzlin' Steak's best selling Rootbeer Float. 

The restaurant aims to provide its customers with a place to experience sizzlin' meals at its best while maintaining an intimate and private setting. Conveniently located in 14 branches such as in Promenade Greenhills, Landmark Trinoma and Festival Mall Alabang. Sizzlin' Steak keeps it conveniently accessible enough for diners to enjoy their honest-to-goodness sizzlin' meals. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.