Thursday, February 18, 2016

Affordable Liempo Plus Combo Meals at Goodah's Liempo Festival

Admit it, I think everybody loves barbecue. That smoky hickory charred flavor can sometimes drive one crazy even with simply just the aroma of it. And sometimes, you can’t just decide which food you like to eat what with the numerous food choices there is. But why settle for just one when you can actually have both? Goodah!!! The most iconic brand of food understands this foodie predicament. Thus, they’ve introduced their your favorite BBQ liempo is present along with other Goodah’s well-loved viand choices such as 2 pcs. Pork barbecue [Php130], 3 pcs. Lumpiang Shanghai [Php120] or a half order of Sisig [Php125] to go along with the slab of BBQ liempo and unlimited rice with one round of red iced tea. They are not only complete meals but each meal will surely fill your tummy and satiate your barbecue cravings. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Skinita Street Foodz in Kapitolyo Pasig: Serving Filipino Street Foods with a Twist

If you’re looking for a really nice place to eat clean Filipino street foods with a twist, look no further. Skinita Street Foodz would be your best bet. There’s no better place to experience high quality, well priced Pinoy street food with a lively social atmosphere than what Skinita has to offer. In fact, if I’d have my way, this place should just be renamed "Skinita Streetfood Heaven.” I love Skinita. After reading all of the great reviews, I knew I had to try it out on my recent trip to that stretch of Kapitolyo. I am so glad I did because I was definitely not disappointed. 

Sancho Delas Alas with friends and business partners
Conceptualized by friends led by actor Sancho Delas Alas, Skinita Street Foodz brings in great flavors of Asian Fusion + loads of street foods to choose from. And we were also able to discover their cuapao variants, they’re absolutely divine! I personally don’t mind driving all the way to Kapitolyo, even braving the hellish traffic jam if I’m in the mood or craving for their soft and fluffy cuapao bun with pulled pork barbecue or for the more adventurous foodie, I highly recommend their Kimchi Cuapao. It gives an addicting kick! I won't be surprised if you'll ask for a second plate or perhaps try the other equally delicious variants. 

Actor Sancho Delas Alas welcomes guests with a warm genuine smile

Skinita's  Basketbols with two dipping sauce: Sweet and Sour and Soy-sauce based

A Yellow Cake Recipe: Sweet Easy Treat for Valentine's Day with Midea

A sweet treat that comes from the heart
Whip up an easy treat this Valentine’s Day with Midea

Press release: 

The season of hearts is just around the bend and with it is the start of the trademark clamor that comes with celebrating it. After all, coming up with a meaningful way to express your love, whether it is for a significant other, a friend or family member, requires careful planning and perfect execution.

Thinking of how to surprise your loved ones on the sweetest day of the year can be stressful on its own. For those who want to stray from the usual Valentines fanfare, creativity is a big must if you want to try something unique and memorable to impress them.

This Valentine’s Day, why not create a special treat right at your very home? Rather than flowers and chocolates, a homemade gift that you spent time and effort on can mean so much more.