Thursday, February 18, 2016

Affordable Liempo Plus Combo Meals at Goodah's Liempo Festival

Admit it, I think everybody loves barbecue. That smoky hickory charred flavor can sometimes drive one crazy even with simply just the aroma of it. And sometimes, you can’t just decide which food you like to eat what with the numerous food choices there is. But why settle for just one when you can actually have both? Goodah!!! The most iconic brand of food understands this foodie predicament. Thus, they’ve introduced their your favorite BBQ liempo is present along with other Goodah’s well-loved viand choices such as 2 pcs. Pork barbecue [Php130], 3 pcs. Lumpiang Shanghai [Php120] or a half order of Sisig [Php125] to go along with the slab of BBQ liempo and unlimited rice with one round of red iced tea. They are not only complete meals but each meal will surely fill your tummy and satiate your barbecue cravings. 

The barbecue liempo slabs are well-marinated because they’re not only fork-tender but also very tasty. Although the liempo slabs are quite thin than the usual ones, I’d rather have them that way than get something thick but with quite some resistance. With Goodah, the barbecue liempo are soft to the bite. The Sisig that comes with one of the BBQ Liempo Plus combo meals are also superb in taste. The Lumpiang Shanghai are indeed crispy and comes with sweet and sour dipping sauce for that delightful meal. Oh and while you’re at it, you can always ask your friendly Goodah!!! staff for a free soup to make your meal more satisfying.

BBQ Liempo with Lumpiang Shanghai and unlimited rice
However, if you want to try these yummy Goodah!!! Barbecue Liempo Plus, you have to hurry up. These Goodah!!! barbecue liempo combo meals will only be made available for a limited time only. You have until March 31, 2016 to grab them at your favorite Goodah!!! branches. After that date, you can still have them but you need to order two plates/two viands because they won’t be available as a combo meal anymore.

BBQ Liempo with 1/2 Sisig and unlimited rice

BBQ Liempo with two sticks of Pork Barbecue and unlimited rice
One thing I’ve always liked about Goodah!!! is that even if they’re meals are really very affordable [meaning they don’t burn a hole in your pocket], they don’t sacrifice their quality so you can always be assured of filling and delicious meals. I think this is also the secret why Goodah!!! had always been the most trusted open 25 hour Filipino food joint for the past years now.

 So what are you waiting for? Come and visit the nearest Goodah!! branch near you and take advantage of this opportunity to sample their Barbecue Liempo Plus Combo Meals. Again, it’ll only be available until March 31, 2016!

Do check out my Goodah Tapa Festival experience too. And by the way, Goodah!!! had left those said tapa meal choices as now part of their menu.

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