Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MINISTOP Philippines: 14 years of quality, convenience service and counting

In December of 2000, the Japan-based convenience store chain MINISTOP made its way to the country.  It was brought to the Philippines by Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. in partnership with MINISTOP Japan and Mitsubishi Corporation.  Its goal was to answer the needs of Filipinos for quality products they can get on-the-go.

Fourteen years later, MINISTOP has served millions of Filipinos as it continues to expand its network of stores all over the Metro, having recently celebrated the opening of its 400th store at the Trion Towers in Bonifacio Global City. The 24-hour chain is committed to ensuring fast and efficient service at all times in efforts to provide affordable food and beverage choices to its customers. Apart from a wide assortment of goods featuring local and international brands, MINISTOP carries an extensive selection of ready-to-eat meals, the first convenience store to do so in the Philippines. Adapting to the evolving demands of its market, MINISTOP has introduced all-time favorites like the Soft Serve Ice Cream, Chillz, Kariman Sandwich and the top-selling Uncle John’s Fried Chicken.

One of the top players in the C-store industry, MINISTOP owes much of its success to customer-focused management as exemplified by its hard-working and loyal franchisees. The chain’s franchising packages offer opportunities for more Filipinos to flourish in the franchising industry through full marketing activities, consistent store operations support and solid operational services. “With our profit sharing model, our franchisees enjoy the advantage of earning more as they sell more,” says MINISTOP General Manager Roena Sarte. “A success rate of 90% is guaranteed for aspiring MINISTOP franchisees, as long as they have the passion, drive and the entrepreneurial mindset to supervise a 24/7 retail operation,” she adds.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wham Burger: Finest Burgers Made Affordable

In a country that's partial to rice, opening a burger shop such as Wham Burgers may seem like a risky move. But the gamble has paid off. Since opening their first branch, Wham Burgers now has several outlets in the Metro and counting. A proof that even American food like burger and fries had a huge following. Thanks to their specially designed burgers--certainly not-your-ordinary-burgers made from 100% beef patty, charred and grilled to perfection. Since Wham Burgers came about, burgers turned out to be a habit-forming, craving-inducing Wham burgers. 

Offering some bacon slabs with egg is the Brekky Burger. It sounds weird by its name but it's worth to give it a try though. Also, a must-try for either a family of three or a group of three friends is the Wham Burger Slider Trio. It's super affordable at P250 per order, you'll be getting three burgers good for three pax to enjoy! I thought since it's called a "slider" it would be really small so when it was brought to our table, I was surprised it had the same size as the other brands' regular burger (given Wham Burger's standard size on burger, it's a bit smaller in size when compared to a regular Wham burger thus it's considered as slides). 

Dishes are no frills, cozy casual dining for the busy crowd yearning to grab a bite of one of the finest burgers I have ever tasted. Wham Burger's Double Wham Burgers won our heart with its repertoire of beef patties, and veggies at your own choice or specification. I mean, hello, how can you say no to a jaw-dropping double tower of burger? Most of the menu are familiar and filling, bringing together American/Western flavor with Filipino twists thoughtfully redone or tweaked with some flair and clever presentation. I'd have to say that everything from the menu are all Instagram-worthy. 

Kids will surely fall in love with their Spaghetti fries. Yes, an order had fries slathered and literally swimming in spaghetti and ground beef sauce and loaded with cheese. And it's also good for sharing. While you're at it, do try to ask and order for the Pepper Popper. You'll love it especially if you're into anything spicy. It could be similar to 'dynamite' rolls we're often used to, except that Wham Burger's pepper popper are more bite-sized but still loaded with all the cheesy goodness. I loved it! It isn't that spicy to begin with although it's made of green pepper crusted into some fried batter (it actually looked like chicken nuggets). But it is a gem that one will surely find interesting. If spicy isn't your thing, there are huge potato wedges or onion strings you might want to try. 

This is how the Pepper Popper looks like. 
But when you take a bite, that's where the green pepper is seen with oozing mozzarella cheese inside.
The Spaghetti Fries that kids and kids-at-heart will surely love. 
Potato wedges are crisp and perfectly done.

The interiors of Wham Burgers are just as much as an eye candy too, inspired by Comics Magazines. Swashes of bright yellow, red and blue. Plus illustrations of other comic-related visuals are present at Wham Burger shops. But we don't need a mural to tell us that, the fantastic food that was served on our table should be just enough. 

Wham Burger has a branch in SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, Katipunan Avenue.