Saturday, March 24, 2012

Italian Flavor at Its Finest at ClawDaddy Shangrila Plaza Mall

The ClawDaddy at Shangri-la Plaza Mall recently hosted a special degustation dinner featuring Osteria Italiana—a fantastic array of dishes perfectly paired with different varietals of wine. Security Blanket was invited to the restaurant’s Shangri-la Plaza mall branch to witness the unveiling of its redefined look and philosophy. Spearheaded by brazen entrepreneur and owner Mr. Raymund Magdaluyo, ClawDaddy is moving towards becoming a premiere destination for consistent and excellent dining experiences as they take things even further and now introduces Italian cuisines as part of their well-loved American dishes. He spoke about ClawDaddy’s updated look, while the kitchen gave the bloggers a taste of ClawDaddy’s new and exciting flavors.
These are actually part of the restaurant's ceiling.

Unique ceiling speaks on the resto's take on Italian food.

Italian cuisine has been well established since the 4th century B.C., as the most popular and widely favored cuisines in the world. Pizza and pasta are among its most famous dishes, with each region in Italy having different interpretations and variations. So it’s no surprise that ClawDaddy owners wanted to modify their Shangri-la Plaza mall branch, giving it an Italian touch.
Fish decorations can be seen on the resto.

Executive chef and owner Peter Ayson helm’s the ClawDaddy kitchens as well as the entire The Red Crab Group of restaurants such as Patio Carlito, ClawDaddy, Crustasia and New Orleans. He gave diners a taste of flavors from Italy starting off with linguini pomodoro, pate de foie, Italian eggplant casserole, moules mariniere, proscuitto, al forno, freshly made thin pizza, fritto motza-herbed bread crumbs made into mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce, their well-loved fish and chips with fries on the side and mouth-watering white tiramisu and pana cotta for dessert.

Long couches and comfy chairs in pastel green for that chic look.
Security Blanket had a full pot of Moules Mariniere, some crusty bread and a sweet wine followed by a glass of chardonnay. The shrimp linguini pomodoro tastes a whole lot better because of the perfect pairing with the wine.
Pretty nice interiors with my fave lighthouse figurine on the right.

The restaurant had its own bar where you could order wine.

Chiffon white chocolate cakes

panna cotta in chocolate and caramelized toppings.

Moules Mariniere--Mussles stewed in White Wine

The basket/pail bin for mussels.

Italian Eggplant Casserole

Wines and spirits

pate de foie

fritto motza-herbed bread crumbs in mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce

Thin Slices of herbed pizza

Lovely music wafts in the air.

My share of plate.

Shrimp Linguini pomodoro
The ambience of the restaurant had predominant hues of greens, reds and sunflower yellows and the light aromas of the cuisine of the South. There was even an onstage live performance by a singer for that jazz, R&B kind of thing—a romantic balladeer perhaps. It actually felt like it was Valentines sans the date and the flowers. But the soothing songs made me more relaxed with the company of other bloggers.
Mr. Raymund Magdaluyo, owner talks about his restaurant.
So if you guys are looking for a place to relax, indulge in glorious Italian food, wine, and conversation with friends, ClawDaddy Shangri-la is the best place to go!
The owners of the Red Crab Group (with owner/executive chef Peter Ayson on the right)

White Tiramisu

The author with former high school classmate, Ms. Janice Manansala-Crisostomo, Operations Manager of The Red Crab Group.
We spent a good six hours tasting all we could possibly sample. Au plaisir de vous revoir, ClawDaddy. It would be a pleasure to see you again!

Special thanks to Ms. Janice Manansala-Crisostomo, The Red Crab Group’s Operations Manager for the invite and Ms. Noria Adam-Lim for the company.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


The author with a glass of chardonnay. Cheers!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Krispy Kreme Opens its first store in the South at Alabang Town Center!

 Krispy Kreme, our much-loved doughnut and coffee brand debuts its first store in the South of the Metro at the Alabang Town Center. Located at the posh The Street, the center’s new wing, Krispy Kreme is the most recent addition to the lively establishments in the said alley in Cortes delas Palmas and is snuggled with other high-end food and clothing establishments.

 Security Blanket was invited recently to see Krispy Kreme’s first baked creations theater as they celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 75th birthday. The baked creations theater is a first of its kind in Metro Manila that serves the brand’s signature Baked Creations fresh and straight from the oven piping hot, everyday. The Krispy Kreme Alabang Town Center branch also offers a full line of their premium items including the perfect pair of the world-famous Original Glazed Doughnuts and signature coffee.
 “It’s been a good six years,” says Mark Gamboa, Krispy Kreme Philippines’ Marketing Director. “We’re excited to finally open a branch here in the south to cater to the thriving community of Alabang. Since we opened our first branch in 2006 at the Bonifacio Global City, there has been continuous clamor for Krispy Kreme to go this side of town, and we’re glad we’ve finally opened a branch here.” Krispy Kreme continues to expand its reach to satisfy the palates of doughnut and coffee fans all over the country.
 Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed doughnut is undeniably still the best-selling doughnut variety. Invited bloggers were like kids in a candy store during the Krispy Kreme on-site branch tour. The eye-catching colors and designs of the donuts on display counter tickled not just our senses…not just our olfactory nerves (with such sweet aroma of freshly baked goodies wafting in the air!) and taste buds as well. 
Apple, Strawberry, Custard and Dulce de Leche fillings were such a delight. Who could resist such yummy treats? I was able to try decorating or designing my own Krispy Kreme donut too. Your hands had to work fast once you dip in the donut on the hot chocolate and put on the topping that you want (be it nuts, candy sprinkles, Oreo chocolate chips or whatever), because it dries up easily and when it does, the toppings won’t stick onto the donut. 
Here's a video of me while I was decorating a donut: 
Krispy Kreme's all-time best seller: Original Glazed

Four Cheese Pull Apart

I’ve tried the new Banana Walnut Kruffin and the Four Cheese Pull Apart. Wow! Am so thrilled to find out that the Banana Walnut Kruffin had a surprise tangy taste inside! The entire Banana Walnut Kruffin had sweet banana and nut taste, except when you get to the whipped cream part—it’s got some zest! In the end, it balances the sweetness of the kruffin and leaves a feeling of cleaning your palate because of the whipped cream’s citrusy effect. 

Banana Walnut Kruffin

As for the Four Cheese Pull Apart, it tasted just as heavenly as I had imagined it to be. Nothing really fancy, but it does taste like pizza, only better because it’s softer inside. It looks and tastes like our local ensaymada with four types of cheese.

Cookies & Cream Chocolate Donut 

For beverage, I loved their Coffee Jelly. It tastes just right, not too sweet. It’s got that perfectly brewed iced and chilled coffee with whipped cream plus bits and pieces of coffee jellies…ahhh, what can I say? Such a perfect treat for the summer!

Coffee Jelly and Mocha Latte

Krispy Kreme Alabang Town Center opens its doors everyday at 7in the morning and closes until 11 in the evening. So if you’re from that Southern Metro community, you have plenty of time to drop by the store and grab your favorite donuts and coffee. 

Krispy Kreme's signature brewed coffee.

To get more information and updates about Krispy Kreme and its products, visit and like them on Facebook at
Security Blanket thanks GMCI and Krispy Kreme Philippines for the invite.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tapsi ni Vivian Best Tapsilog in Town

The Filipino staple Breakfast: Tapsilog
 We all heard of the perfect combination of Beef Tapa (marinated beef), Sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried egg) for breakfast. But have you ever wondered, among the restaurants that sell them, who among them had the best Tapsilog in town?
The facade of Tapsi Ni Vivian

The signage says it all: Tapsi ni Vivian since 1980's.

Over the past months, I tried to eat as much tapsilog as I could, trying every eatery there is. It was a bit difficult but I’d like to believe it’s all worth the effort. I’ve ended up with one of the best tapsilog in the Metro today, surprisingly it is located near where I live…I found Tapsi Ni Vivian. It was a rather small eatery that started in the late 80’s. But eventually, since becoming hit in that area, they’ve started to add more items to the menu that more and more people had been clamoring for. Hence, it’s no longer just tapsilog that people had become after for, but all the other stuff which Tapsi ni Vivian sells on their menu like Ilocos Bagnet, Crispy pata, Beef bulalo and other viands on top of their best selling breakfast “silog” items such as tocilog, bangsilog etc.
Wooden chairs surround the al fresco dining experience.

So what made Tapsilog extra special in Tapsi ni Vivian? For starters, it isn’t carabao beef…unlike other eateries that serves such meat as extenders; Tapsilog in Tapsi ni Vivian has 100% beefy goodness. The thin slices of marinated beef are soft and delicious. The tangy sweet sauce and other spices even made it all the more delectable. And it goes well with the fried egg and fried rice as well as the beef bulalo soup paired with it upon every order.
Bamboo chairs under nipa huts surround the restaurant.

The ambiance had a touch of Filipino with the four nipa huts where you can dine in al fresco. But it looks pretty much like a typical school canteen except that they have attentive food waiters all wearing their uniform red shirts ready to assist you and take your orders anytime. We were told that even the Congressmen, Senators, the Mayor and other celebrities would frequent this place. And alas, they come in huge groups along with their entourage and body guards. They enjoy the good food and simple Filipino ambiance that Tapsi ni Vivian offers to their loyal clientele.
Other viands are available such as Adobong Pusit and Chicken Poerk Adobo.

Crispy Pata and Ilocos Bagnet are both favorites!

Bagnet and cured Tocino are a great treat.

Other breakfast favorites Pork Tocino and Longganiza.

Breaded Shrimp is always a staple on their menu.

Chicharon Bituka and Bulaklak are every man's guilty pleasure.
So the next time you find yourselves craving for that staple Filipino breakfast called tapsilog, head over to Project 3 in Quezon City and drool from the variety of Filipino foods and that sweet caramelized and tangy beefy goodness of Tapsi ni Vivian which would make you come back for more.
All viands come with a steaming hot soup with minced spring onions.