Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chowking's Honey Garlic Chicken Review

It reminds me of another brand of chicken that starts with the letters BC (Sorry, I don't want to mention them here). But it Chowking's Honey Garlic Chicken has a distinct taste of its own despite the obvious similarities than the other brand I'm talking about. Chowking's version is more affordable, bigger in size and considered a good value for one's money. It does have a twist on its own too..With a touch of Chinese cuisine, a bit of creativity, the bowl looks enticing and with a side garnish of veggies--it is indeed a winner!

Just a piece of caution though, kids (especially the little ones) may not like this dish because of its sweet tangy sauce. Think of fried chicken swimming in something that tastes between an asado sauce or char siu sauce. But it does have a kick, a bit spicy too. Nevertheless, I commend Chowking for coming up with this new dish. And for P89 as a meal, this is a pretty good deal.

I will try to find time to get hold of the other new offering, Oriental Beef bowl. I will try to feature it on my blog, hopefully soon. But for now, this Honey Garlic Chicken is good enough although I would like another sauce served on the side so that customers can very well adjust its taste according to his or her own palate.


Anonymous said...

You're right maam.. Sabi nga sa ad nila SULIT.. :-) i would like to ask kung ano yung distinct flavoring sa veggies nya? I am not a big fan of gulay, but when i tasted it nag enjoy ako.. :-) thanks a lot.

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