Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Magnum Ice Cream: Luscious Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream

It’s been trending on Twitter. It’s been talked about both by popular celebrities and ordinary netizens. One wonders, what it is about Magnum Ice cream that made all the hype there is? Well, I got curious myself so one day I found myself looking for it. I asked around people, my friends and fellow food bloggers where I could find one or to purchase one. Alas! I finally found one at the SM Cubao Supermarket. It’s sold at P50 per Magnum Ice Cream stick. There were only two available variants: almond and truffle. I decided to try the almond one.
Well, to be completely honest, it tastes good. Although I must say it could easily be compared to Dairy Queen…Only this time, Magnum sells I think because of its honest-to-goodness Belgian chocolate coating. But more than that, I think Magnum is just your regular ice cream stick. It just makes the “royalty” feeling because you’re supposed to enjoy eating Belgian chocolates while the vanilla ice cream in side it tastes so ordinary.

If you guys would want to try it, go ahead and indulge. This one’s for you if you’re a Belgian choco fan. I get the “umay” factor eating this Belgian chocolaty ice cream. Perhaps if I had been a chocolate lover I would’ve loved eating this treat, and since I’m not…this one’s really not for me. But if you care to save some fifty bucks or you’d rather treat a friend to a chocolate covered ice cream, I would suggest that you head on to the nearest McDonald’s that sells P20 chocolate ice cream cone…that would even save you P10. True, Magnum Ice cream sells like hotcakes because it had luscious Belgian chocolate coating...
Well what more can I say but I guess it's just not my thing. 


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