Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tapsi ni Vivian Best Tapsilog in Town

The Filipino staple Breakfast: Tapsilog
 We all heard of the perfect combination of Beef Tapa (marinated beef), Sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried egg) for breakfast. But have you ever wondered, among the restaurants that sell them, who among them had the best Tapsilog in town?
The facade of Tapsi Ni Vivian

The signage says it all: Tapsi ni Vivian since 1980's.

Over the past months, I tried to eat as much tapsilog as I could, trying every eatery there is. It was a bit difficult but I’d like to believe it’s all worth the effort. I’ve ended up with one of the best tapsilog in the Metro today, surprisingly it is located near where I live…I found Tapsi Ni Vivian. It was a rather small eatery that started in the late 80’s. But eventually, since becoming hit in that area, they’ve started to add more items to the menu that more and more people had been clamoring for. Hence, it’s no longer just tapsilog that people had become after for, but all the other stuff which Tapsi ni Vivian sells on their menu like Ilocos Bagnet, Crispy pata, Beef bulalo and other viands on top of their best selling breakfast “silog” items such as tocilog, bangsilog etc.
Wooden chairs surround the al fresco dining experience.

So what made Tapsilog extra special in Tapsi ni Vivian? For starters, it isn’t carabao beef…unlike other eateries that serves such meat as extenders; Tapsilog in Tapsi ni Vivian has 100% beefy goodness. The thin slices of marinated beef are soft and delicious. The tangy sweet sauce and other spices even made it all the more delectable. And it goes well with the fried egg and fried rice as well as the beef bulalo soup paired with it upon every order.
Bamboo chairs under nipa huts surround the restaurant.

The ambiance had a touch of Filipino with the four nipa huts where you can dine in al fresco. But it looks pretty much like a typical school canteen except that they have attentive food waiters all wearing their uniform red shirts ready to assist you and take your orders anytime. We were told that even the Congressmen, Senators, the Mayor and other celebrities would frequent this place. And alas, they come in huge groups along with their entourage and body guards. They enjoy the good food and simple Filipino ambiance that Tapsi ni Vivian offers to their loyal clientele.
Other viands are available such as Adobong Pusit and Chicken Poerk Adobo.

Crispy Pata and Ilocos Bagnet are both favorites!

Bagnet and cured Tocino are a great treat.

Other breakfast favorites Pork Tocino and Longganiza.

Breaded Shrimp is always a staple on their menu.

Chicharon Bituka and Bulaklak are every man's guilty pleasure.
So the next time you find yourselves craving for that staple Filipino breakfast called tapsilog, head over to Project 3 in Quezon City and drool from the variety of Filipino foods and that sweet caramelized and tangy beefy goodness of Tapsi ni Vivian which would make you come back for more.
All viands come with a steaming hot soup with minced spring onions.


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