Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yoshinoya Introduces Eight New Signature Dishes

Yoshinoya's sample meal of Pork Tonkatsu.

Japanese cuisine is always a sensual treat for me. The success of a dish depends on the freshness of the ingredients and the subtle but technical approach to cooking.  One gets to taste the natural flavors of whatever ingredient you’re eating, and it’s presented in the most appetizing yet artistic way. It’s an art form that flirts with all our senses, balancing the taste, smell, texture, appearances and natural colors of food—skillfully presented on plates and in bowls.
Yoshinoya takes its dining delights to greater heights by revamping its menu and offerings, giving diners an even more satisfying meal. Presenting an exciting mix of innovative Japanese dishes and comfort foods, Yoshinoya brings delectable gustatory possibilities to anticipate the craving of any foodie.

Japanese foodies unite! Satisfy your cravings for delicious yet affordable Yoshinoya signature new dishes. Yoshinoya introduces eight mouth-watering array: Tokyo Beef, Veggie Beef, Shrimp Tempura, Chicken Tempura, Pork Tempura, Pork Tonkatsu, Tokyo Chicken and Yoshi Chicken.
Yoshinoya’s beef bowls or Gyudon bowls practically melts into your mouth, with the mind-blowing flavor exploding with each scoop or viand and rice. My fellow bloggers and I murmurs of happiness as we fell silent joyously shoveled bite after bite and spoon over spoon in our hungry mouths. Before long, we set our utensils and chopsticks aside; there was nothing that we didn’t finish off, so you can just imagine how stuffed we were after our meal!
Yoshinoya Owner & CEO Mr. Timothy Yang welcomes blogger guests.

We were lucky to have been given the chance to sample these awesome treats last week. And here are my thoughts on Yoshinoya’s eight yummy new treats:

Tokyo Beef—“Tender slices of beef with fresh sliced onions sautéed into perfection, garnished with sesame seeds and capsicum slices over steaming white rice.”
Security Blanket’s Verdict: If you have a hefty appetite and an insatiable zest for tender slices of pure beef, this treat is for perfect for you.

Sample serving of Tokyo Beef.
 Veggie Beef—“Tender slices of beef simmered with fresh sliced onions in a special broth of herbs and spices, served with mix vegetables on the side on a bed of steaming white rice.”
SB’s verdict: Imagine a flavorful of bowl with beefy goodness of tender beef strips coming together for a healthy meal! It’s a carbo-loading beef bowl meal for all ages.
A sample serving of Veggie Beef.
Shrimp Tempura—“Crispy golden brown white prawn and deep fried garnished with a special tendon sauce.”
SB’s verdict: This particular dish piqued my curiosity and started my love for Japanese food. Hands down, tempura is and will always be one of my favorites.
·      Also available are Chicken Tempura and Pork Tempura.
Sample serving of Shrimp Tempura with eggplant and potato.

A sample serving of Chicken Tempura

A sample serving of Pork Tempura
Pork Tonkatsu—“Deep fried breaded pork fillet topped with a special tonkatsu sauce, served with cabbage siding over steaming white rice.”
SB’s verdict: I wish they had more of the special tonkatsu sauce, because it felt of like “bitin” (read: we hope Yoshinoya people could serve this with a separate sauce), meaning the sauce wasn’t enough. I’ve always liked my tonkatsu and rice swimming in its sauce. 
A bowl of Pork Tonkatsu--an entire serving.
Tokyo Chicken—“Golden brown pieces of grilled chicken fillet marinated in ginger-based sauce, topped with a special sauce and served with mixed vegetables over steaming white rice.”
SB’s verdict: I adore the artful arrangement of broccoli florets, julienned carrots and other veggies on this bowl of rice and chicken. Each order is like poetry in every sense. I could eat Japanese every day and not get tired of it! Presentation is truly impeccable. This is both a healthy and tasty dish—you get full without feeling bloated. With a perfect blend of fresh ingredients, it makes itself known in every spoonful.
Sample serving of Tokyo Chicken is a bit different from Yoshi Chicken. Do not confuse yourselves foodie.
Last but definitely not the least, there’s Yoshi Chicken.

Sample serving of Yoshinoya's Yoshi Chicken--delightfully crispy with a savory taste you'll love.

Yoshi Chicken—“Deep fried, double coated marinated chicken dipped in a special sauce served with steaming rice.”
SB’s verdict: It actually tastes like one of the leading chicken international brand (I’d rather not mention the name, but just to give you an idea, it does start with the letters BC), only Yoshinoya’s Yoshi chicken is more affordable. And unlike its counterpart, it’s kid-friendly because it’s not spicy. (Although I wish Yoshinoya would make another variant for those people who prefer to have their chicken hot and spicy. Just a suggestion though.) This one’s a perennial favorite and I’m pretty sure people and Yoshinoya fans will love this. I bet in a few months time, it will become Yoshinoya’s best-selling menu item, next to their beef bowls, of course. 

There are still a lot of dishes to sample on Yoshinoya’s menu. But I am going to ramble on again. Go check it out yourself for more tasty surprises. You’ll be glad you did, I promise!
Beverages from Yoshinoya: Red Tea, Lime Green Tea and Apple Tea. Refreshingly cool!
These signature dishes will be initially available at the Robinson’s Galleria branch in Ortigas. 



iaadamlim said...

My mom likes Yoshinoya. Every time we go to SM Makati, she invites us to eat here. It's good that there are eight new dishes. So far what's your favorite?

I am R0ckstarm0mma! said...

I've tried it once and i love the beef bowls from yoshinoya..also the tonkatsu! yummy! great post. :)

Green Dei / Daryll said...

Can you bring us there friend? We love to try out that lucky 8 new Jap dishes. :) Can't wait... I hope Yoshinoya would stick to its recipe, I noticed the first time Yosh launched in the market the taste were good and yes stero-typed Japanisque :) After sometime, it transformed into a not so appealing taste. How is it this time? :)

Vance Madrid said...

Hello girls! Thanks for visiting my food blog & for leaving comments as well. fave among the 8 dishes happens to be Tokyo Beef. I super <3 it!

@Green Dei: How I wish I had the money to treat you guys there. But it is my Mom's fave
Japanese food chain (she hates anything raw but loves Gyudon to high heavens)--I had given her the freedom to eat there whenever she please.

@Rockstarmomma Mi chelle: Thanks for tge comment. I do like tonkatsu too. But like I've said I wish for more special sauce next time.

idagurl said...

Now I know what I'm having for lunch :P

stacy said...

sarap nga yoshinoya! Lalo na yung sweet potato diba? ;D

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