Monday, March 5, 2012

Holy Kettle Corn Popcorns New Flavors Review

 Popcorns are said to be a better alternative for a healthy snack than the usual potato chips. For couch potatoes like me, nothing warms my heart more than the smell of freshly popped popcorns wafting in the air. It’s the perfect snack for everyone. With white cheddar popcorn having the most momentum in the cheese-flavored popcorn arena these days, I was surprised to find myself craving the caramel sweet and salty popcorn of Holy Kettle Corn while on my recent trip to Makati area. As I got off the MRT, I immediately smelled that undeniably sweet and salty popcorn goodness at the Holy Kettle Corn station in Ayala. 
Freshly Popped Holy Kettle Corn Popcorns
 My olfactory nerves had not given up on me until I got hold of its freshly popped Holy Kettle Corn bag. I learned to know they have new variants available aside from the usual or classic Sweet and Salty kind I’ve always loved. Holy Kettle Corn now has three new and exciting flavors: Sour Cream, Cheese and Smokin’ Barbecue! I figured I might as well make a review on these awesome popcorn flavors.
Holy Kettle Corn New Flavored Popcorn: Smokin Barbecue and Sour Cream.
 I eagerly bought bags of each, hoping to rekindle the memories of my childhood as a kid loving the cheese popcorn youngster devouring the bag of buttered popped corn my Mom used to make.  Here’s my Holy Kettle Corn Popcorn Review:
No preservative Holy Kettle Corn Popcorns
Cheese flavor: Holy Kettle Corn Cheese popcorn itself was good—fresh and crunchy—the cheese flavor or powder wasn’t too strong, nor too light, for me, it’s just right. The aroma smells great, nothing too cheesy unlike other local brands that smells really bad and had that’s way too tangy after taste. With Holy Kettle Corn’s Cheese popcorn, it’s really nothing fancy, but it’s fairly crisp, with a mild but a bit tangy cheese taste.

Sour Cream flavor: This popcorn has an even balance between popcorn and sour cream. I love the Sour Cream flavor. It bursts of exciting goodness in every bite. It’s a great companion to movie marathons in cinemas. This is the kind of popcorn flavor where I’d prefer to have my own bag or bucket as I wouldn’t want to share this with anyone, not even my own date! 
A huge bag of Holy Kettle Corn Barbecue flavored popcorn.

Barbecue—This one’s a bit strong for my taste, but is certainly good. If you’re up for a bit spicy and with stronger robust flavor, this one’s for you. It goes well with any beverages and it’s truly rich in flavor. My Mom enjoyed this so much, she kept bugging me to buy some more. 
Last but certainly not the least, Holy Kettle Corn’s Sweet and Salty variant—This is something I’ve always loved. It’s like experiencing the exciting taste of old fashioned popcorn goodness. And it’s always freshly cooked assuring you that the goodness will last up to three days. Very light, no cholesterol or butter and MSG free. The caramelized corn had a decent crispness, and the kernels were fairly large and nearly round, but the flavor was a toss between sweet and salty. The caramel sugar coating was more sparse than it could actually be but it’s really such a good thing—so you need not to worry about extra calories and all. After trying this, I can say I can snack on Holy Kettle Corn Popcorn for the rest of my life. I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it.

And for P40 a bag (small size) to about P70 (large bag)—no need to buy imported popcorn that costs twice its price. It actually costs somewhere between $6 to $12 in the United States. Holy Kettle Corn Popcorn is truly a must-try. Get yours at 7-11 stores nationwide or you could visit any of Holy Kettle Corn’s Kiosks for a dose of their delicious freshly popped popcorn. Truly, goodness in every bite!

Disclaimer: I am not paid for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


ia adam lim said...

My son tried this and he liked that its sweet and flavored at the same time. :)

Green Dei / Daryll said...

We used buy holy kettle on a weekly basis, until we became 'umay' and give it a rest for awhile. :) When were abt. to regain interests again, the stall from the mall we often buy closes down :(
I hope soon they'll supply the groceries with freshly packed goods. :)

estellaEffects said...

Its been a while since I had popcorn. More than 3 years.. Makes me want to try some for a change.

Pink MagaLine said...

I just started falling in love with Holy Kettle Corn. Di talaga ako kumakain nyan noon. Grabe, ang sarap pala nong original flavored Holy Kettle Corn. Yan na lagi ang bibilhin ko!

Visiting from Driven Syndic8 sis :)

stacy said...

We used to love this pero nagsawa na

Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

This post is very timely since I have just finished popping my Sweet and Salty Holy Kettle...

What I love about it ' it is guilt free coz 'light, no cholesterol or butter and MSG free."

i♥pinkc00kies said...

this is my favorite!! love the BBQ and sweet & salty!

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