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The King Bee mascot statue welcomes its guests.

Affordable Authentic Chinese Cuisine—This is the maxim that King Bee Chinese Restaurant continues to live by, in every location. It rings true for the spacious 400-seater in Commonweatlh Avenue, Barangay Holy Spirit, University District in Quezon City. Guests will be glad to know they have a spacious parking lot. Sleek Chinese-inspired red and yellow lamps were used for brighter lighting. 

Comfortable seating is possible with spanking red and yellow chairs, community tables and flexible banquettes plus exclusive function rooms with free videoke usage. All these create a warmer feel for the guests. King Bee Restaurant also had set menu for big groups. And with their “lazy Susan” (read: revolving round table), getting your share from a typical family Chinese Lauriat will never be a problem. You can also opt to reserve tables in advance just to be sure you won’t have to wait for one when you arrive, especially since the place gets pretty packed on weekends.

The name King Bee stemmed from the owner’s grandmother’s name Ama King Bee. They opened their first branch more than a decade ago in Governor’s Drive, General Trias, Cavite. Soon they began expanding and they now have seven different branches: two branches in Cavite and Quezon City, Antipolo City, Laguna, and Las Pinas. “We’ve quite established a name for our loyal patrons especially those who are looking for authentic Chinese dishes, and I can say most of them can be considered as best-sellers,” says King Bee Marketing Operations Manager, Ms. Andrea Ng.
Operations Manager, Ms. Andrea Ng

King Bee offers a wide array of authentic Chinese dishes. It has been popular for wedding reception, baptism, birthdays, business conference/meeting or just any simple family gatherings. They cater and accept reservations for all occasions.

 A fellow foodie invited me to sample and get a taste of King Bee’s authentic Chinese food. So off I went, as usual with my big appetite, ready to try something new. As soon as I was ushered to my seat, I was given a refreshing iced tea. Service was quite fast than I had expected. I quickly scanned a printout of the menu with a stapled photocopy bond paper with set menus on them. The printed letters looked really small that I didn’t had the interest to finish skimming them. “Oh, I’ll just wait for the food to arrive,” I told myself.

The dinner started out with a Wintermelon (read: Filipinos known them better as “Kundol”—in the traditional song “Bahay Kubo” it comes before “Patola” (Loofa)) Soup. Although I had eaten winter melon in the past, it had always been the dried and sweetened kind. This time, the soup had winter melon broth with shrimps, abalone and button mushrooms and green peas. It was the very first time I had actually seen the vegetable winter melon! I was so fascinated by its looks especially since it had been served with rings of shrimps around it. However, I had been a bit disappointed with its taste. Perhaps I had been expecting something else. I don’t know but I could not taste the winter melon broth properly because the Abalone mushrooms and the shrimps might be the culprit. They had been overpowering the taste of the winter melon and its broth. In fairness though, it’s a pretty good soup to prepare you for a sumptuous meal.

The Wintermelon Soup

See the shrimp and mushrooms on my soup?
I loved King Bee’s take on Chicken Feet—very tender and juicy. It brings out its sweet and spicy flavor as well as other spices with your every bite. The Birds Eye Siomai was good. But I had really enjoyed Shrimp with Cashew Nuts on Taro Basket.  The shrimps complement the crunch in the slices turnips and carrots with bell peppers. And edible the Taro basket tastes like the popular Filipino snack called “Shing-a-ling”. This dish had the natural crunchiness and sweetness of the vegetables.

King Bee's delicious Chicken Feet

Shrimp and cashew nuts in taro basket

I instantly fell for King Bee’s Fried Lapu-lapu with Mango in Thai Sauce. It amazes me that it is still crispy despite of being poured generously with the Thai sauce. The shredded mangoes surprisingly go well and complement the flavor of maraschino cherries. I super loved it and I could see myself ordering this same menu when I get back to any King Bee restaurant. I would definitely recommend this dish. Unlike other fish dishes, it had none of its seafood-aftertaste. All you’ll have are the sweet, salty and sour tangy flavors of the dish. I never thought mangoes and cherries complement each other until I tried this dish. I swear it was a taste of heaven upon spoonful. 

King Bee’s house specialty roast chicken was perfectly seasoned and marinated in what seemed to me was soy sauce. It goes well with the sweet and sour chili sauce it is served with.  As for the beef in oyster sauce and broccoli florets—the beef was tender enough and it had medium-sized cuts that are just right (unlike in other Chinese food establishments that only serves beef strips instead of cuts.)

Overall, I am quite impressed with King Bee Chinese Restaurant. They are assuring their guests with the freshest ingredients (they even have live fish at the restaurant) and with the huge serving (they offer small, medium and large sized), you are assured too of getting what you’ve paid for. And if you’re really looking for authentic Chinese dishes that won’t blow your pockets, then I would highly recommend you go for King Bee. There’s a wide range of choices for you to try. In case you aren’t familiar with it, the waiters will be more than happy to help and assist you. 

Indulge in deliciously filling dimsums, noodles, hotpot or roasted meats plus the freshest seafood cooked in authentic Chinese style at King Bee without the fear of blowing off your pockets!

King Bee Chinese Restaurants are located in four Metro Manila Branches:
Commonwealth—Lot 24, Blk. 11, Commonwealth Ave. Brgy. Holy Spirit, Q.C. Tel. Nos: 376-9492, 990-4688
E.Rodriguez—UG-2 Seneca Plaza, 1152 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. Brgy. Mariana (near Christ the King Seminary), Quezon City
Tel Nos: 738-2046/412-0855
Las Pinas—Parklane Square, Daang-Hari Road, Las Pinas City
Tel. Nos: 359-5221/664-0957
Antipolo—120 Kingsville Arcade, J & F Bldg. Marcos Highway, Antipolo City
Tel. Nos: 681-9570/681-9608

Security Blanket thanks King Bee Chinese RestaurantMr. Marco Polo Demo and Angelyn Demo.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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