Monday, September 24, 2012


You must have heard of this famous old fashioned ensaymada called Eurobake. It's also better known as "inipit" (read: sandwiched custard).  Made of honest-to-goodness cake chiffon with custard filling, Malolos, Bulacan's original "inipit" had become a household word for everyone. A popular snack and pasalubong (giveaways) for most Filipinos here and abroad, Inipit is perfect for an afternoon merienda or baon. 

Inipit in small slices.

Those with sweet tooth will truly appreciate its custard filling because its made from sweetened fresh cow's milk. And as if it's not enough, it also had sugar bits on top. Eurobake's inipit also comes in different flavor fillings that one can choose from: ube (purple yam), langka (jackfruit), among many others. 

And since Inipit comes in small rectangular bite sizes, you can be assured that you won't have any difficulty in swallowing them. They're really divine, almost melts into your mouth. But what I liked best about Inipit is the fact that it's heavenly goodness was made by the women of Malolos centuries ago. Yes, long before all the Ensaymada with salted eggs and cheese have been invented and enjoyed by our ancestors. If there was a pastry that had been part of history, this might be it. 

Among the Inipit available in the market today, I am partial with Eurobake. For me, nothing beats the original. Try a fluffy inipit today and enjoy the good old ensaymada. 


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