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C’mon, admit it, who doesn’t love those sinfully tasty and crunchy fried chicken? It’s really a popular appetizing treat for ages and since it goes perfectly well with almost anything. So it comes as no surprise that Filipinos have found a way to enjoy it with rice, chips, fries or dinner buns. Even more scrumptious is the wide array of dips and sauces that bring out its unique goodness in every bite.  However, we are strongly advised not to eat fried chicken often because of certain health risks since these delish treats are deep-fried in hot oil (read: cholesterol + artery clogging saturated fats). I am personally fond of eating fried chicken. Fried chicken is something that I just cannot resist, regardless if it’s coated with breading or not. So when I first heard of a healthier fried chicken alternative from Stackers Burger Café called “Baked Fried Chicken”—I got really excited because I wanted to taste and see its difference from my favorite fried chicken.

Stackers' Baked Fried Chicken and Fries

Of course, I knew Stackers Burger Café as an establishment that’s been serving huge premium beef burgers in special sauces, shakes and coffee drinks but I had never tried their Baked Fried Chicken which they claim to be 80 percent less oil as compared to the regular fast food fried chicken. I had been curious to find out if it truly rocks—if I could really compare it versus the regular fried chicken. Will it have the same crunchy taste we all love? Will it not be that greasy? Hmmm…it took sometime before I finally had my hands on that chicken. Here’s my experience eating Stackers Baked Fried Chicken. Read on…

Lana Jones, a blogger enjoys her Baked Fried Chicken with her fingers. 

I enjoy eating fried chicken with my hands, even fellow blogger Lana Jones used her hands, so that’s exactly what I just did when I had my first taste of Stackers Baked Fried Chicken. The whole Stackers Baked Fried Chicken experience is not complete without licking your fingers clean and dipping them on a special gravy sauce it is served with—that’s why you better ask for the Stackers waiter to have copious of paper towels or napkins on your table before eating.

The Stackers' Counter--where all the aroma comes from.

The ambiance at Stackers Burger Café in Eastwood City was really inviting, and once can smell the unmistakable aroma of beef patties with mustards and ketchup or the chicken crackling in the oven, and of course, the pleasant sting of the butter-peppered gravy sauce as it hits one’s nostrils.

Baked Fried Chicken with gravy.

Although “healthy’ and “fried chicken” tend to be oxymoronic when put together in a sentence, Stackers Baked Fried Chicken had come up with the idea of baking the chicken which devoid of artery-clogging saturated fats, making it more wholesome alternative to its buttery and oily chicken fast food counterparts. But it’s quite surprising that the chicken does have that delicate crunch while the insides are fork-tender meat that somehow literally falls off the bones. 
I also love the less-guilty feeling as I devour on them. Knowing fully well that I am not ingesting high cholesterol grease. The large cut fries are also very good as they are not too greasy. If you don’t like the gravy, every table at Stackers Burger Café also had large Heinz ketchup, so you can enjoy it your own way.

Stacker's Burger Patties with sauce and veggies.

The Ultimate Burger!

How was the taste? Stackers Baked Fried chicken are tasty and flavorful enough to tickle one’s taste buds. One thing I liked about this, unlike the regular fried chicken at fast foods, Stackers Baked Fried Chicken does not have that icky “bloody raw part” in chicken. At relatively okay price (P205 for 3 pieces/P95 per piece with rice), one can enjoy eating guilt-free crunchy baked fried chicken. Also notable are the variety of drinks and shakes that goes well with the baked fried chicken.  And while you’re at it, sink your teeth to the huge Stackers’ burgers made from 100 percent imported beef patty. 

Stackers' Carbonara Pasta

For coffee addicts, they also have specialty coffee drinks brewed from Arabica beans with different toppings and flavors to choose from. Getting a table, especially when you are in a big group could be cumbersome, but they have a great delivery service and they are open 24 hours so you could either avail of that or drop by during non-peak hours. 

My favorite Strawberry Milkshake

Stackers Burger Café can be found in Eastwood City, McKinley Venice Piazza, Resorts World Manila, Alabang Town Center and at its newest branch in Promenade, Greenhills.

Security Blanket thanks Mr. Richard Mamuyac, Stackers Burger Café and IFoods Inc. President and CEO Mr. Bryan Tiu.

For more details about Stackers Burger Café’s Baked Fried Chicken and information on franchising, call 723-6033 or 0917-8779909 or email ifoodsincfranchise@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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