Friday, September 14, 2012


When we usually come across a restaurant that serves Asian-fusion type of cuisines, the first thing we take note is the authenticity of the food. It has to be the way it is, say for example Pad Thai—it has to have that peanut-buttery flavor that’s undeniably Thai. It shouldn’t be subjected to any tweaks or enhancement just to be able to suit the Filipino palate. So when we were invited to Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak located at the Ground Floor of Commercenter Building on the 31st Avenue in Bonifacio Global City, we were glad to have found an Asian fusion restaurant that truly serves Asian meals just the way it should be.

Singapore Food Republic serves simple honest-to-goodness home-style Asian fusion cooking, all reasonably priced. Mr. HK, the owner welcomed foodie bloggers to his restaurant and he even taught us on how to properly eat and further enjoy Hainanese Chicken. He proudly gave us to sample a small puff of crispy taco-like snack that one needs to fill with lettuce, some vegetables, topped with shrimp and with a dollop of sweet chili sauce on top. It’s actually a D-I-Y kind of appetizer, a signature menu at Singaporean Food Republic. I was surprised because for a small puff of crispy taco/wonton type of thing, it was bursting with flavors and was really delicious. It’s definitely a great appetizer to start your meal. I’m sorry I forgot what it’s called, but you can ask them about it, I’m sure the staff will be happy to give you more info about it since they are the only ones who serve such appetizer. As Mr. HK said, “There have been people who tried to imitate these but they had never been successful in duplicating it.”

The DIY Appetizer

 Among the best sellers at Singapore Food Republic include the famous Crispy Baby Squids (not spicy but sweet), Thai Chicken Curry, Malaysian Chicken Curry, Beef Rendang, Fish Head Curry, Kangkong Sambal, Hainanese Chicken and the Coffee Connoisseur (they’re own blended cold coffee). I had truly enjoyed the Malaysian Chicken curry because the spiciness of the dish slowly comes into one’s mouth upon a spoonful. It makes eating curry dish more exciting. I particularly love the Thai Green Mango Salad—it had all the flavors I ever wanted in it: sweet, salty, spicy and sour. The tangy and zest on the said salad made it really refreshingly good.

Crispy baby Squids

Kangkong Sambal

Hainanese Chicken

Beef Rendang

Coffee Connoisseur

Mixed Veggies Galore

Thai Chicken Curry

Malaysian Chicken Curry

Green Mango Salad

King of Curry: Fish Head Curry

Owner Mr. HK gives his resto a thumbs-up!

Singapore Food Republic also serves Tarik Tea—“pulled” teas at specific times and for those with sweet tooth, they’d be happy to note that they also serve baked muffins and cupcakes in different flavors. Eat here and you’ll get a feast of Asian fusion, surely your stomach will thank you for it.

Security Blanket thanks Ms. Yani Metrado, Mr. HK, Singapore Food Republic, and Ms. Ness Mercader.

Singapore Food Republic by Nasi Lemak is located at the Ground Floor, Commercenter Building, 31st Avenue corner 4th Street (near the St. Luke’s Hospital across HSBC Building), Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


Marie said...

Crispy Squid is good. Pappadams too. We had Hainanese Chicken na. One day I went and had Beef Rendang, leftovers in a tub, I had it the next day, ubos, as in, every drop of gravy goodness.

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