Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bakers Maison launches awesome artisanal breads

Bakers Maison by Gardenia

The first time I have encountered Bakers Maison was when I had my eye check up at my opthalmologist’s clinic in SM North Edsa a few months back. I was then with my boyfriend and we were really hungry after queuing at the clinic. We learned that Bakers Maison is by the same people behind renowned bread brand, Gardenia. It is the said brand’s artisanal specialty bakery café.

Bloggers recently gathered at Bakers Maison Glorietta 4 Branch where they had introduced various recipes that made use Bakers Maison specialty artisanal breads featuring Whole Wheat Baguette, Ciabatta Classico, Sourdough de Maison, Classic Bagel, Chocolate Chip Bagel, and Raisin Cinnamon Bagel. The recipes were personally demonstrated and prepared by no less than Chef Edwin Tan, a Malaysian pastry chef with three decades of baking expertise. 

Orange peel Frappe from Bakers Maison with Whipped cream

Malaysian pastry chef Edwin Tan  during the live demonstration

Bagel with cream cheese and tobiko was a hit!

Open faced baguette with broccoli and shrimp

The following artisanal breads are available at Bakers Maison:

Whole Wheat Baguette (originated in France) is a hearty, whole wheat version of our Baguette Parisienne, a French bread with a crisp crust and a chewy interior that comes in a light flavor that is uniquely Bakers Maison.

Wholewheat Baguette

Ciabatta Classico (originated in Italy) is Bakers Maison’s rendition of the popular Italian bread with a crusty crumb and distinctive chew.

Ciabatta breads

Sourdough de Maison (originated in Egypt) is a rugged and rustic bread with an upfront taste of rye.

Sourdough de Maison

Classic Bagel (originated in Poland) is a classic, soft, chewy bagel with a slightly crisp crust.

Classic Bagel

Chocolate Chip Bagel (originated in Poland) is our version of freshly baked bagel made with milk-flavoured chocolate chips to flavor the dough.

Raisins and Chocolate Bagels

Raisin Cinnamon Bagel (originated in Poland) is another freshly baked bagel made with raisins and cinnamon to flavor the dough.

What makes Bakers Maison different from other artisanal brands is the fact that they also make use of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines’ technology in bread making. They also deliver exceptional consumer value inspired by both traditional and authentic French recipes with some fusion and twists in terms of flavors inspired from other countries. As for the bread’s freshness and high quality, Bakers Maison has always been committed to such consistency as they only use the finest ingredients without altering its authentic French taste. They make sure that breads go through a process, baked in a clean and controlled environment and delivered frozen to each branch stores.

 Bakers Maison announces that they’ll have business expansions within the year that caters to more artisan bread aficionados. As of this time, Bakers Maison has stores located in LIIP Mamplasan Binan, Laguna, SM North EDSA, Landmark Trinoma, Waltermart Makati, Glorietta 4 and South Park District Alabang.

Gardenia’s artisanal bakery café formally open its franchise business this year and is currently looking for franchisees to further expand reach and open more stores.

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