Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Get Hooked with Fish and Co. New Dishes

Fish and Co. Launches new dishes on its menu that will surely appeal to anyone who loves scrumptious yet healthy comfort food and hefty portions on one plate! 
Fish and Co. Presents Shrimp Popcorns, renditions of famous Seafood Paella as well as Steamed Mussels in Pico de Gallo.
Italian favorites have also been given the Fish and Co signature twist: for the health conscious, try the Salmon Cannelonni or the Fresh Tuna Piccatta. The restaurant further beefs up its menu with Fish Crab Cakes and Smoked Fish and Crab Dip. Rounding out that new item is the Soft Shell Crab Pasta. 

Fish and Co. is known to have warmly lit interiors and appetizing meals meticulously conceptualized by The Bistro Group's Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood. An innovator when it comes to food, Chef Josh incorporated some Asian ingredients in his dishes, making it more appealing to the local palate. 

One word comes to my mind the minute I set foot on Fish and Co.: Inspiring! The interiors are clean and done in very good taste, quite attractive even to kids with all the colorful fish paintings on the walls, the service quick and efficient, and the food--ah, it sets you in an absolute swoon! 

From the special concocted drinks Citrus herb surprise (lemonade, calamansi and basil) P155, Healthy Hearty Squeeze (carrot, melon and mango) P165, and Raspberry Sunrise (raspberry, red apples and orange juice) P165 to the heavenly Banana Caramel Cream Pie (P225)--you will feel the love, care, and yes, at the risk of sounding redundant--inspiration the people behind Fish and Co. Infused in each recipes. The juice is more than a refreshing drink--it's a study in zing. The bananas aren't just your simple dessert--rather it is a dessert that brings two of the most familiar flavors: caramel + banana together, successfully. 

Now, let me give my two cents worth on Chef Josh Boutwood's new dishes for Fish and Co.

Shrimp Popcorns(P335)--This is such a hit among the invited bloggers who attended the launch. I'm sure kids will also love the Fish and Co shrimp popcorn. Although its got a hint of spicy bite, one cannot help but pop and nibble one shrimp popcorn after another. I'd have to say, it is truly addicting.  Served on a tiny blue pail with nachos on a plate, it tastes good on its own even without the dipping sauce. And it does not taste rancid, so you can be assured that they used a new oil when they had it deep fried. 

Smoked Fish and Crab Dip(P495)--This dish is a perfect afternoon snack or merienda. Served with thin slices of crostini and pita triangles, it is great for those who prefer a no nonsense snack.

Fish Crab Cakes--There's a lovely surprise of minced tomatoes, onions on the dish as well as the lure of fragrant coriander on top of the soft crust with a sweet and sour dipping sauce. It ties the flavor together in a distinct kind of way. But it's quite expensive for P625 per order, for three fish crab cakes. However, if you have money to spare and would like to indulge, go ahead...I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it. 

Soft Shell Crab Pasta (P525)--The soft crab shell is delicately perched on a pile of al dente pasta, slathered in a tangy, chunky aligue sauce. It may look like any ordinary aligue pasta but wait until you get a spoonful of this dish. It is unbelievably creamy, and is surely a candidate for excellent comfort food. 

Fresh Tuna Piccatta (P595)---If you're like most Filipinos who does not like seeing pink on their meat or fish, they though that pink is synonymous to eating something raw, then I strongly suggest you to skip this dish. But then, doing so would not give you the chance to savor this dish. This dish was a big surprise for me. I'm one of those I've mentioned above, unless of course, I will be eating sashimi and other raw Japanese foods. But seeing pink fresh tuna chunks on top of al dente pasta was something new for me. Served on extra virgin olive oil and capers, I'm more than happy to have tried this dish. It tastes so good and divine! No, it does not have a "fishy" after taste at all. 

Seafood Paella (P875)--Huge serving in a paellera that's great for a family meal. Fish and Co.'s Seafood Paella is another treat you should not miss! From the freshest catch, it has everything you'll ever wanted in a Spanish paella. A spoonful will remind you of your good 'ol abuela. It is yet another comfort food. 

Oh, and if Seafood Paella isn't your thing, you could at least try to order Fish and Co.'s Steamed Mussels in Pico de Gallo (P545). It guarantees to whet your appetite for seafood, without stuffing yourself with carbohydrates (read: sans any rice, especially if you're on a diet). 

Salmon Cannelonni (P575)---This dish is awesome! I never imagined salmon could give cannelonni a perfect pair. I mean, this dish is perfect for the health-conscious. Imagine chunks of salmon on layers of oozing and mouthwatering melted mozzarella cheese on a bed of cannelonni. Hmmm...just typing them brought me back memories of my love affair with this particular dish. 

Fish and Co. is truly an easygoing comfort zone that serves excellent food. For this reason and many more, I know I'd find myself coming back to them again and again and again. 

Security Blanket would like to thank Perkcomm's Ms. Cindy Manalo and Ms. Jap Angeles, Fish and Co. Brand Manager, Ms. Rhoda Adriana, Fish and Co.'s Social Media Manager Ms. Rikka Sioso and the staff of Fish and Co. SM Mall of Asia. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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