Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel Opens in Greenhills Promenade 3

Classic, elegant and utterly charming, Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel takes pride in taking serious attention to details, resulting to a beautiful melange of fine tableware, dainty cutlery and various items of interest, which perfectly complement its yummy selection of savory dishes, international cuisines, divine desserts and specialty wines. 

Diners can't help but admire the lovely displays--from the soft amber glow of cowrie shell chandeliers to the artisan furniture, and of course, treat your taste buds to a wonderful medley of flavors that has become synonymous to Manila Hotel: sweet, sour, salty, umami and spicy. Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel takes pride in making sure that they never scrimp on the quality of their ingredients as well as its staff training so you can be assured that Cowrie Grill remains true to that of Manila Hotel's excellence. 

From cold appetizers and salads, curries, soups, grilled items and drinks including the best wines, Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel's menu will surely whet any foodie's appetite. The magic of tableside service is also back as the signature restaurant of Manila Hotel keeps the elan and flair of intimate dinner experiences alive with its newly opened branch in Promenade 3, Greenhills Shopping Center (near Missouri Street) San Juan. 

Known as the venue where dishes are prepared in the highest standards, Cowrie Grill first opened in Manila Hotel in 1977. The restaurant attracts gourmands eager to sample the chef's signature creations prepared tableside. It is an experience in itself as guests delight in a feast for the senses with the spectacle, sizzle, aroma of the food wafting in the air, and exquisite flavors of the dish. 

After more than three decades of unrivalled quality of food service, Manila Hotel opens up with the revival of the Cowrie Grill. From the scrumptious appetizers to the heavenly desserts, loyal clientele of the Cowrie Grill can harken back memories of the Grand Dame's classic restaurant as they create new ones with a modern twist. 

I was fortunate to have been invited to the recent opening of the Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel at the heart of Promenade 3, Greenhills Shopping Center. I'd have to say that anyone who has a fondness for good food + excellent service can now delight in Cowrie Grill's tableside service plus their honest-to-goodness signature creations. It may seem like it's tucked away from the crowd given its seclusion from the other modern establishments. But this is the perfect place to have a date with your better half or your significant other. Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel gives off that ideal romantic ambiance and more. 

During the launch, Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel's Executive Chef Michael So Chan whipped up a number of dishes that are unique to Cowrie Grill including the Fresh Mushroom Cappuccino Soup that goes perfectly well with mixed herbed flat bread it is served with. Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel also takes pride in serving the best Angus Beef Tenderloin which you can enjoy with three different sauces: peppercorn, Bernice and mushroom gravy. Served with potato gratin, fresh half cooked vegetables such as  French string beans, roasted garlic bulb/head and some cherry tomatoes, Cowrie Grill's signature Angus Beef Tenderloin is truly melt-in-your-mouth goodness. You know right away that it had been broiled to perfection. It tastes great even without the sauce but each sauce gives the rib a twist in flavor. I liked the peppercorn sauce. Those who opt for a little kick on their taste buds should try it. The peppercorn sauce complements the smoky flavor of the beef tenderloin and the richness of the potato au gratin. On the other hand, the mushroom gravy is somewhat typical for my taste, but it's still good just the same while the Bernice sauce gives the dish a lightly tangy zest. 

Chef Michael So Chan and his highly trained team expertly performed before our eyes an outstanding dining rite with table side preparation of freshly tossed Maitre 'D Caesar Salad. Capping off the magnificent dining event was the delectable Baked Alaska flambeed served again in a spectacular Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel table side fashion. It was entertaining to watch your own dessert or meal prepared before you. It has evoked Oohs and Aahs as the guests were dazzled. The Baked Alaska dessert is a perfect way to cap off my  meal. A foamy caramelized fluffy foam flambeed, Baked Alaska is one delectable indulgence. but it has a surprise inside it, for underneath the soft chiffon cake is a strawberry flavored ice cream with strawberry syrup. For that reason and many more, Baked Alaska will give your sweet tooth another delightful experience. 

"Cowrie Grill goes far beyond serving dishes because we create unforgettable moments.  Classic grill house service beyond compare, that's what we stand for," said Manila Hotel Executive Vice President Dr.  Enrique Yap.  "We are offering intimate dining experiences--something that makes our patrons sit up and notice.  Something that commands attention, is thoughtfully made, and is created with great attention to details-- similar to what people experience at Manila Hotel.  At Cowrie Grill, we look forward to making every minute of our guests' visit nothing short of exceptional and memorable." 

Indeed, Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel is not just a feast for the senses but also another dining experience worth to remember. 


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