Monday, February 7, 2011

Pigging Out with friends at My Thai Kitchen

Mouth-watering Thai food at its finest.

I'm such a food aficionado. I can adventurous when it comes to food, but not to the point that I could actually join a reality show like Fear Factor. Although I'd like to think I can eat critters if I had no other choice. So when I was invited by my former classmates from La Salle for a food trip night out, I didn't have to think twice.  Aside from the good food, I was sure it'll be a great time as I haven't seen my friends for almost a year and it's about time to catch up on their stories. In other words, I truly enjoy their company.

Hanging out with my friends from La Salle.

With Ate Luisa and Kuya Marl, two generous friends of mine.
Ate Luisa and Kuya Marl brought us to My Thai Kitchen in Robinson's Galleria for the Dinner Buffet meal that costs P245 per head. Not bad, considering
 one has unlimited access to mouth-watering appetizers, viands, main courses, and desserts--from Chicken Pandan, Phad Thai, Chicken Satay, Seafood Curry, Dimsums, Mabo Tofu, Bean Curd based veggie dishes, Thai Spring Rolls--practically everything! And did I mention the buffet meal comes with a complimentary glass of iced tea? How's that for a treat?

I've had the coconut based rice delicacy that had riped mangoes on top. I also liked Thai's version of our guinataang bilo-bilo, or in Taal, Batangas, we used to call that "pinindot". It's like putting tapioca balls right into your buko juice. 
See the backdrop? We're off to Thailand!

However, just like in any buffet meals, there are rules. Rules are sacred. At My Thai Kitchen, there are only two rules: No Sharing, No left-over. Well, almost, for how in the world am I going to chew in and digest those pandan leaves, right? If you won't follow with the rules, you'll be charged double the price. And who would want that?
Ate Luisa sure knows how to smile with grace.
The ambience would make you feel like you're in some island in Bangkok or a beach in Phuket. It's clean, neat and homey. With orchid on each table, it'll definitely be perfect for lovers this Valentines. It's great for a truly romantic setting. Dinner buffet starts from 6PM until 9PM daily. 

The two with the purple silk behind them that's uniquely Thai.
My Thai Kitchen is located at the Ground floor of Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas. 


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