Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tang Pulpy Mango and Tang Pulpy Orange Drink


  Tang recently geared up the Metropolis for a very fruity surprise. Three giant mangoes were spotted at the three big shopping malls and generated much curiosity among local consumers. This became the prelude to introduce an innovative revolutionary formula that will change the face of powdered juice beverages today: Kraft foods introduces Tang Pulpy Orange and Tang Pulpy Mango.  These two latest Tang variants are available in 1 liter sachets and are truly affordable so that the whole family can enjoy.  It's a more sophisticated juice drink that combines real fruit taste with the flavorful experience of pulp in a powdered juice drink. An innovation that really caters to Filipino moms and their families. 

Try it now, and see for yourself how Tang provides a one-of-a-kind-drink for the entire family's enjoyment!


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