Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dove Chocolate Bars: Chocolate bars from Heaven

Dove chocolate bars in Hazelnut and Almond raisin.

Chocoholics know that a chocolate bar ain't an ordinary chocolate bar if it gives satisfaction and cravings like no other bar can. From well-known chocolate company Mars comes another chocolate bar called Dove. Nah, it's not the soap bar. It's a chocolate bar from the same makers of M &Ms. Dove chocolates are available in different variants but I am partial to the Hazelnut and Almond raisin variety because I'm an almond lover and it is so addicting, you'll keep asking for more.

Samples were given during Dove Chocolate mall tours.
Dove chocolates recently had a couple of sampling mall tours and activities in Metro Manila where shoppers and simple passerby had the chance to taste the goodness of Dove Chocolates in different varieties. Most of them also had bought bars and bars to bring home and share the heavenly experience with their family and friends. 

Dove chocolates are now available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. Grab one now and taste its heavenly goodness. 


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