Saturday, October 22, 2016

Midea provide home solutions

Press release: 

A few years ago, Midea was basically a new entrant brand in the minds of the Filipino market. With so many established appliance brands already etched in every consumer’s thought whenever on a search for appliances, Midea was on a tough road in competing to capture the attention of the market, more so, landing a space in their homes. But slowly and surely, Midea made its way to consumers through the help of their retail partners, the first line of people these consumers meet, who effectively convey the philosophy behind the brand and the benefits of Midea’s consumer friendly solutions.

“When we were set to bring the brand in, what we were looking for is not just selling boxes, not just selling products,” Concepcion Midea, Inc. General Manager, Mr. Phillip Trapaga also points out that home chores are taking away a lot precious time for the whole family, “for us, it is really about studying the consumers, the pressures and the problems they are having with home chores, and bringing them friendly solutions that would make doing home chores easier for them.”
Abensons and Robinsons are just few of the first major retailers which easily welcomed the brand and have taken in its philosophy of not just ‘pushing the boxes’.  “What we wanted to do in pushing the Midea brand to consumers is to stop talking much about the technology and start talking about the benefits and teach the consumers how they can have a worry-free life with our home-friendly products,” Trapaga said.

Midea’s retail partners immediately adapted what the brand stands for and were willing to take the opportunity in taking Midea to their stores.
From the time brand was launched up to this time, it has been able to break through and has already achieved a significant position in terms of market share.  Thanks to it’s retail partners who fervently communicate what the company stands for and what their solutions can really do well in every the consumers’ homes. “I really thank our partners for letting us be part of their homes—their stores so to speak, and for letting us connect with our consumers.”
The company and their trusted retail partners will continue their work in bringing in solutions to Filipino homes and educating them how these home-friendly solutions can give them a life better than they used to have with their old appliances.
Midea now enjoys its place in major appliance stores all over the country: SM Appliance Center, Conceptrade, CW home Depot, Magic All Home, Savers-Sentine, Savers Appliances, Mega Savers, Imperial, Asian Homes, Gleen Marketing, Quality, RJ Homes, Pricewise Marketing, Dimdi, Royal Star, Robinsons, Abenson, Western, and BHF.
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