Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Scream for Ice Cream: Haagen Dazs melts you with joy

My Mom's Caramel and Biscuit Cream flavored ice cream and Kyle's Coffee flavored ice cream.

The Season of Joy is clearly seen on each Haagen Dazs store display along with their variety of flavors to choose from.

The advertisement board of their Eat-All-You-Can ice cream and pastries promo at their Megamall Atrium branch.

If there’s something that I share with my nephew Kyle, it is our passionate love for ice cream! We practically scream for ice cream especially when the hot summer months steer us away from our other love—malling. We even had a regular sorbetero guy named Mang Arnold of Starlight Ice Cream Cart that passes by our house everyday. Yes, it’s the “dirty ice cream” kind. But it tastes great and since we’ve known Mang Arnold for years, we’re assured of sanitation as well. The problem with us is that people have this preconceived notion that in order for something to be excellent, ingredients has to be imported, which is not always true. The truth is, there are many amazing local products here, and I think we should be supporting them…

My headache vanishes with a scoop of good ice cream in summer. I used to frequent Rustan’s Cubao back in high school for their ice cream parlor. I’d walk happily with my friend Melanie Matundan (now Mrs. Malapad, no pun intended—that’s her husband’s surename, really.) everyday after class for ice cream and chat away an hour or two before we decide to go home.

Ice cream lovers like me, who have since advanced in maturity and regressed in metabolism, know, of course, that we can’t have it everyday. But if someone is going to indulge in ice cream—and does not have any health problems—then you might as well go for something luscious and decadent!

How to best enjoy eating ice cream? It’s all about the right temperature. The ice cream has to be firm enough to not melt right away, but it’s really the soft goopy texture that makes it so enjoyable. Texture makes a good ice cream. It has to have that smooth creamy texture. Also, stick to what you like. Usually, as I’ve observed from people, they have their comfort flavors. It’s fun to try different strange and even scary flavors, but I think the classics are still enjoyed the most. And don’t forget to mix-in crunchy, chunky, chewy toppings for that honest-to-goodness ice cream experience.

Mom had Caramel and Biscuit Cream, Kyle had Coffee and I had Dark Chocolate Orange flavored ice cream. We were in total bliss after eating scoops of Haagen Dazs ice cream. Ice creams are sold at P175 per scoop, P290 for two scoops of ice cream, any flavor. Banana Splits, Waffle and Fruit Sundaes are sold at P325 per order.

According to Haagen Dazs, there are three rules in making ice cream: One, no skimping on ingredient, two, do not compromise on quality, three, stick to what people like when it comes to flavors.

The best about Haagen Dazs? It’s rich and creamy. “Made like no other”, this is the key philosophy that drives Haagen Dazs into creating products made with the purest and finest ingredients in the world for you to enjoy in every scoop. Haagen Dazs passion for quality is posted on their wall: What we leave out of our ice cream is as important as what we put in; no preservatives, no artificial colors—just the finest ingredients that the world has to offer.

What on earth are you waiting for? Gratifying your sweet tooth and acquaint yourselves with some of the best tasting ice cream one can abandon oneself to.

Haagen Dazs SM Mall of Asia 5561111/5562143
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