Sunday, November 14, 2010

National Geographic Channel (NGC): Cooking the World

National Geographic Channel (NGC) takes viewers on a gastronomic road trip with famous chef Fred Chesneau in the new series “Cooking the World” Mondays at 2PM. Chef Fred travels to India, Morocco, and Japan in search of new flavors and authentic recipes.

He exchanges secrets and techniques with chefs and cooks who share his passion for street food and gourmet cuisine and cooks with as many different people as he can meet on the way.

The episodes: “Cooking the World: India—Spicy Food and Festivities,” will be on November 15 at 2PM; “Cooking the World: Morocco—The Culinary Colors of Morocco,” Nov. 22, 2PM; “Cooking the World: Japan—There’s more to Japan than just Sushi and Sumo,” Nov. 29, 2PM.


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