Friday, November 19, 2010

It's such a Scramble World

If there was one food that reminds me of my childhood the most, then it has to be scramble. For those not familiar with it, scramble is a pinkish colored crushed ice topped with milk powder and chocolatey syrup. I’m glad that the scramble trend is back, thereby giving others especially the younger batch of this generation a chance to enjoy our good ‘ol scramble of the past but with some distinct variations. For one, you can now choose toppings on your scramble: mini marshmallows, candy sprinkles, corn flake cereals, mini choco kisses and chips, fruit loops and even your good 'ol sago. And yes, you can now opt for a strawberry syrup instead of chocolate.

The smalles size of ice scramble
Nowadays, scramble stalls are seen everywhere. I suppose this is a fad, a food trend just as shawarma, pearl shake, takoyaki and squid ball, isaw/barbecue, french fries stalls which have sprouted almost anywhere in the metro. When you look around the malls and streets, you'll see scramble stalls sprouting like mushrooms. So far, so good. People have been patiently waiting in line to get a dose of our fave ice crazed scramble. And it's really affordable, for P7 (small), P10 (medium) and P15 (biggest), then for  a choice of topping, you'll need to add P3-P4 per topping. You may also add for an extra scoop of milk powder for P3.00.

For a very affordable price, your ice craving was solved. But be careful for the brain freeze.


jared's mum said...

i love scramble!!!!

Vance M. Ramos said...

If that's the case Mommy Vix, then "let's all get ready to scramble." I hope to see you soon...

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