Friday, November 12, 2010

Tasty Cups by Rio Azul: Sweet Dreams are made of These

There is probably some novelty in eating a cupcake that looked so good to eat. The first time I saw her creations, I thought they're not edible because they looked so lovely, especially the customized ones. Try to remember simple childhood comforts like the smell of freshly baked cakes and cookies wafting through the air from your Mom's kitchen, this is exactly where Tasty Cups by Rio Azul will take you.

Home baker Rosa Rio F. Azul creates yummy cupcakes for her custom baked line, Tasty Cups. The delectable table toppers run in an assortment of shapes and are highly personalized for special occasions and party themes. Tasty Cups offers a whole line of treats that caters to the little tikes and to the kids at heart.

Tasty cups are more than just desserts and pastries, they're definitely works of arts lovingly crafted by cupcake architect Rio Azul's creative hands. I know pretty much how difficult it was to bake, having studied baking and pastry arts myself at La Salle last year. Unlike tradtional cooking, where if a dish turned out salty, you'll just add in some broth or water to adjust its taste, with baking--if you made a mistake or miscalculation of ingredients, you'll have to start all over again. Baking entails hard work, patience and perseverance. I am really hats-off to bakers and pastry makers such as Rio Azul.

The most difficult part in making cupcakes and pastries are those that involve sculpting and fondant molding. If your hands are somewhat shaky or what we call "pasmado", then doing this may be extra difficult for you. But with patience and creativity, eventually it will turn out to be the most interesting cakes. Rio also makes sure that her cupcakes--replete with all the little details that make them so life-like. Her designs are definitely unconventional and end up being conversation pieces.

I always think that there is something about Rio not being a "schooled" baker/cake artist that makes her a bit more adventurous about her designs. Rio graduated with a degree in BS Food Technology at the University of Sto. Tomas, but she had never studied baking; it was simpy something that came out naturally. I'd like to believe it was her exposure to baking that got her into this whole thing. She had started making cupcakes for her family and friends' special occasions. But then, as they say, the rest is history. Her cupcakes had been known to spread by words of friends and referrals.

Truffles in a bowl

There are three things that make a good cake: taste, design and color. And Tasty Cups had all these and more. It's got its uniqueness. For one, you can choose your own embellishments such as chocolate pebbles, sugar pearls, sprinkles, and colored sugars. If you happen to have theme parties, and you have made a design on your own, Rio can also do that for you.

The Ben 10 Cupcakes Rio made for McDonalds

Personally speaking, I have three top baking rules: Know your lead times. With personalized cakes, there is no way to determine how long a new design will take. Make everything you can ahead of time. Second, pay attention to details. Small details spell the difference between mediocrity and something that is totally awesome! Third, be open, be adventuruous and don't set limits on a cake design that you've never even tried. At the same time, I think you should be open enough to accept that there are some designs that are just not doable.

Rio also never scrimp on ingredients because she maintains excellent quality among her clients.

Christmas Cupcakes in Pastel colors and designs

The best part in baking pastries and cute cupcakes? I'ts probably when you see the happy smiles painted on each little kids' faces. It compensates all the effort spent in making intricate designs in cupcakes.

Halloween cupcakes and rectangular cake

Each Tasty Cups Cupcake is truly a masterpiece--entice your sweet buds with these sweets from heaven. Go ahead, indulge because no matter how simple a cupcake may appear, it will never be an ordinary cupcake when it is made by Rio Azul. Try and see for yourself.

Tasty Cups by Rio Azul

For orders, please call 9279378

P.S. They deliver for FREE within the QUEZON CITY area. With minimum transaction of P3000. For other areas, please see their fan page on Facebook.


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