Sunday, November 14, 2010

Food Review: KFC Chili Lime Rocks!

I had to admit, I was a bit hesitant to try it. I’m not the type who’d sprinkle a dash of food enhancers or flavored powders on my fried chicken just so it would taste differently. I figured all fried chickens are the same. It would’ve been a different story for rotisserie or roasted chickens where you could actually marinate and rub with herbs and spices before putting on the hot oven. But with fried chicken, it will only differ in the batter they used for that “crunchy” chicken we all love. However, I decided to give it a try, just for a change.

The minute it was served on a plate, I didn’t really liked what I saw. I even came to regret I had not ordered my usual favorite—the Original KFC chicken. Imagine your KFC fried chicken served with a few dash of orange-colored flavored powder on top of it. That’s exactly how my Chili Lime chicken looked like. It seemed as if I had ordered a Fun Shots or flavored fries instead. But as they say, you can’t just judge a food by its appearance.

It was love at first bite. The moment my taste buds had that fiery flavor of KFC’s Chili Lime chicken, I knew instantly I was hooked. True to its tagline, KFC Chili Lime chicken is a burst of chili and lime in every refreshing bite! I’m a big fan of roasted chicken, especially the ones that are sold with lemongrass inside it. And I’d have to say that KFC’s take on Chili Lime is like a mixture of taste between roasted and fried chicken. Yes, it’s got that lemony goodness of your rotisserie and at the same time crispiness of KFC’s Hot and Crispy fried chicken. It’s got its tangy taste of lime and mildly hot as chili. KFC’s Chili Lime chicken is sold at P87 for a one-piece chicken with rice and drinks meal, and P135 for two pieces chicken with rice and drink value meal, available in all Kentucky Fried Chicken branches.

Oh, by the way, the newest baby in the KFC menu is the KFC Double Down—No bun, it’s all meat. It’s got pork bacon and cheese in mayo sandwiched between two KFC chicken fillets. I hope to try it out soon, but for now, allow me to enjoy my KFC chili lime chicken first.


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