Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ma Mon Luk's Original Beef Mami and Special Siopao

A portrait of the Man who started it all. Mr. Ma Mon Luk himself.

In high school, my good friend Jamie and I had something in common--we both loved food. Unfortunately, she must have been lucky and blessed because what she put in her stomach can't be visible with her waif like figure unlike me who looks exactly like a drum or a 1.5 soda bottle.

Several years after we finished high school, we would still meet up for the very same reasons, to go on a food trip eventhough we went in different schools and colleges. And who would've thought, that even now as professionals, we'd still have time to satisfy our cravings? It wasn't really a planned one, it just simply happened. This morning we were both online using Facebook, she was supposed to go to Baguio and she had already taken her leave from the office. But something came up, so she did not made it to Baguio and chose to rest at home instead surfing the net.
Jamie and I taking a break from eating our meal.
 We were both online during lunch and she asked the old question if I wanted to eat? I said, why would that be asked for someone like me? I mean, I've also been wanting to go back there and eat at Ma Mon Luk but I never had the time and the right company. So off we went, wanting to indulge in the goodness of a steaming hot bowl of beef mami.
The counter lady with their anitique cash register.

Up to this day, customers still flock the Ma Mon Luk branch in Quezon Avenue.

My friend showing us the menu.
 When we got there, we asked for the Menu, but we both knew right away what we had wanted to order even before we even got there. It was something we grew up with. It was the same food we eat each time we go to ma Mon Luk. The beef mami is best paired with their signature special siopao. What has surprised me with the menu was the beverages...I saw something under it that says "Suicide"--and when I looked what that means, it meant that almost all the sodas have been combined when you order the suicide drink--a mixture of coke, sprite, orange soda, and rootbeer. I had to think hard why it's called as such. Perhaps because your stomach may not accept all those sodas and you might end up feeling kinda dizzy or acidic? I don't know. I wouldn't wanna try it, unless I do want to suicide. Joke!
My good friend Jamie, taking a bite of the huge siopao.

Ma Mon Luk's signature dish--hot bowl of Beef Mami Noodles.
Thier special siopao is probably one of the meatiest you'll ever find this side of town. Its dough has a unique texture--not spongy, but a little rubbery. For some reason, it's perfect match to the big ball of meat and salted egg.  And yes, it goes well with any of Ma Mon Luk's mami, but jamie and I are partial to Beef Mami.
The best pair: Beef Mami and large special siopao.
The sad part is we had to go and travel all the way to traffic-prone Quezon Avenue just to satisfy our cravings. A bowl of Beef mami goes for P100 while the special siopao costs P55. Not bad considering that the bowl was huge and the siopao as well. Your stomach will thank you for going out of your way to get here.


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