Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome Note

Here I am, alone and with little knowledge on how to feed myself. And this had to happen and make things more difficult. I was beginning to entertain worst-case scenarios.
With self-pity beginning to well up, I felt myself contracting somewhat. I was beginning to feel I had enough reason to justify staying under my bed covers and feeling sorry for myself. But I reckoned that my choices actually boiled down to two: be miserable in the next few days ahead, or learn something productive for the time being.

Life is like that. We all get kicked-out of our comfort zones every so often and I might as well not to resist it. I could either have a miserable time or I could seize this chance to discover new things. There is something magical about taking a sabbatical. In my case, moments like these are like living the monastic life. All I have is myself, and that tasks that I need to do.

Nightfall weaves its charm seamlessly. There is rhythm to the way the wind rattles the canvas awning near my window and rustles the leaves of a nearby tree. Our fear, anxieties, our joys, our inner monologues reveal themselves, and we got a better grasp of who the person that inhabits us may actually be. We quickly realize that the best surprises are the ones we learn about ourselves.

Welcome to my site. Where I vow to write all my dreams, and food fantasies. Now, isn't obvious how I bloated this big? You must be wondering, why "security blanket"? Okay, I might need some psychologist for saying this but each time I'm upset, I eat. When a guy dumped me in college, I'd go straight to a fast food and get my fave Happy Meal. Food had always been my comfort zone, my security blanket. When I'm done eating, I know I'll be fine because I have eaten away all my anger away. I know this isn't healthy, but it's always been this way. We'll be discussing my problem later on when I start blogging on this site soon.


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