Friday, July 8, 2011

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) Beverage System

A cup of CBTL coffee is enough to make me smile.

I have been converted into a coffee drinker recently. I don’t know what happened, I just did. I was surprised myself with the way things had turned out. I guess it all started when my good friend Lourdes Vindollo-Labii had given me a huge pack of 3-in-1 coffee with Tongkat Ali from Dubai.  I remember even joking about it, since as most of us know, Tongkat Ali had been said to be good for men, making them more sexually active, I suppose. That’s what they claim about using that old time herb though. But it is not the only health benefits one can get from drinking such. Anyway, going back to my being a coffee drinker, I have also started frequenting coffee shops.

I feel rightly at home at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL). I would always see the staff smiling at me upon entering their shops, a good sign of encouraging customers to come back. Not to mention their fast service and good coffee. These are the things all customers would love to see in every establishment.  I love their signature Chai Tea Latte (black tea with Chai masala, vanilla, non-fat milk and foam), Itallian espresso, Viennese blend and cappuccino. On the other hand, my family loves their ice blended drinks like Kyle’s favorite honey dew.

With this amazing beverage system, you can have CBTL drink anywhere! 

The capsules in different flavors.
As a swirl card holder, I also get perks each time I visit the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I get free WIFI access, sometimes to the point of trying out the latest line of Sony laptops like the one we had recently experienced at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch in Promenade, Greenhills.
For coffee drinkers like me, especially those who love The Coffee bean and Tea Leaf specialty drinks, the good news is, we can now make it all at the comforts of our home. Yes, folks. You can now afford to make it at home, anytime, anyplace.  Aside from the wide selection of coffee beans and teas in-store, CBTL now sells the single serve beverage system.

My dear Kyle, enjoying the free wifi.

The author checks her facebook and emails.

Sipping a cup of espresso brightens my day.

This innovative single serve beverage system allows one to prepare your favorite espresso, brewed coffee and tea and other delicious specialty beverages easily at the comforts of your home in just one touch.  Just place a capsule into the machine, touch the size of the cup you’d want to put your drink into and voila! You’re all set to enjoy a steaming CBTL drink right away.  So, with just one button, you’ve got many choices! It’s hard to believe CBTL could fit this much variety into such an easy system. Drinking coffee had never been this fun!


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