Friday, July 8, 2011

Walking into Digital Walker Cafe

Digital Walker Cafe specially blended Iced Tea.

I was recently invited to cover an event somewhere in Eastwood City.  And I’d say I was quite surprised to find out that there’s a café among the rows of gadget stores along that side near the Eastwood mall. Upon entering Digital Walker Café, one could easily feel right at home. They have homey interiors similar to those found in those cozy little coffee shops in either Taipei or Japan.

The menu is posted on its wall.

Cakes and beverages galore!

A slice of these yummy cakes will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

 The store offers more than just coffee. They had cakes (yes, lots of them), pasta, sandwiches and even rice meals to name a few.  But I heard the best seller is the unagi pasta.  Unfortunately, I never got the chance to sample or have a taste of that famous pasta. Instead, I had their Japanese Burger with sunny side up egg and plain rice. It was bursting with teriyaki sauce on it, in the process, soaking every bit of my burger and rice. Thereby making it a bit salty for my taste. I wish they could just hold on the sauce, put it on a separate container, leaving it all upon the customer if she wanted her meals to have as much sauce.

Japanese burger with teriyaki sauce, rice and egg.

I would also like to comment on their iced tea, it was good. Unfortunately, the café’s name on the container can’t be seen clearly. The writing was done in a deep hue of red with black background on them. Food bloggers like me had a difficult time trying to shoot photos of the said drink because of such. I strongly suggest that they make it in a different color, perhaps white than a dark hue.

In fairness, I loved the corn soup they’ve served us. It reminds me of my abuela’s  (grandma) signature dish. It is perfect for rainy afternoons while tinkering on your laptop with the café’s free wifi access. I had also tried their cakes, fluffy, velvety and perfect to cap off whatever meal you just had.

My fave corn soup.

Overall, I’d still recommend going to this café, because apart from its good ambience, they have really friendly staff. They are the ones that offer a smile each time you enter their shop. And even if one of my fellow bloggers was a bit straightforward to the point of saying outright how bad the food was, I knew that she didn’t mean any harm when she said that. She probably only wanted the café to further improve the quality of their food. I just hope they were not offended by her remarks though, and wishing they would heed our advices soon regarding their food. For I bet, given the right menu choices and presenting their food properly, Digital Walker café will soon be known on its own merits, apart from being a digital store sister.  


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