Thursday, July 21, 2011

My newest find: Kape Isla's Mushroom Burger

Yummy and healthy snack of burger without the guilt!

Eating for me is an adventure in itself. It's like having a surprise gift, left unopened and you're only allowed to peek on the day you're supposed to. So each time I'm served with a different or somewhat unique kind of dish, I feel so blessed. For one, I know that each dish had been well thought off, secondly, I know that I could never thank the one who whipped the said dish, I bet that someone had pushed his or her efforts in order to serve me his or her dish. 

I came into Kape Isla one Friday without knowing exactly what I was up to. I only had in mind that I needed to rest my aching feet from too much walking along Serendra and Bonifacio High Street. So I ended up in this small but cozy coffee shop. I ran into its menu, but I wanted to grab a quick snack before heading home, so I've ordered their mushroom burger with salad and brewed iced tea.  

Yup, I tried becoming vegan for a while. But before you think this sandwich tastes like that famous burger joint in Tagaytay, think again. I'd have to say that this one is a whole lot better--in terms of taste and appearance. While the Mushroom Burger seemed like a take-off from any typical fast food chain sandwiches, Kape Isla's Mushroom Burger has its own appeal. 

Let's start with the salad. It doesn't have that white dressings (read: fattening) you'd usually see in salads. It has vinaigrette dressing instead (which means it has an emulsion of olive oil and vinegar with herbs and spices) for a healthier you. It does the trick, for after eating the greens with apple slices on it, you'll feel lighter yet full. Their mushroom burger was made of Shiitake Mushrooms with thyme and rosemary herbs instead of the typical Oyster mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms have excellent tastes on their own, they even seal their flavors on the foods, regardless if they are dried or fresh. It really tastes so good that I bet even kids like Kyle would love to have as their school snack or meal. The best part of all, it comes with a brewed iced tea already so there's no need for you to order beverages. For P125, that's already a good value for money, right?

Snacking in between had never been this healthy. Load yourself with healthy vegan foods that are delicious to eat. Who says that eating right doesn't equal yummy goodness? I swear, it does. I could turn away from guilty binge-eating with a mushroom burger as good as this one from Kape Isla. And with a free Wi-Fi available at their coffee shop, it's a such blogger's secret haven. 


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