Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Security Blanket Cookbook Giveaway!

Hi, foodies! 

I'm giving away a limited edition cookbook I got from Nestle's Centennial Celebration.  I just happen to have two copies of those (because I had been fortunate enough to attend two different Nestle occasions) and I would like to share with my food blog followers the other copy for it would be a shame on my part if I keep both. Besides, it would be best to share it with other people especially those who don't know how to cook yet--but would love to learn as well as those who already know how to cook yet wanted to learn more. 

I've tried some of the recipes made by Nestle resident chef Ms. Tess Sutillo on the book. My fave happens to be Mike Enriquez' take on Pumpkin Soup, so healthy and light.  This is a limited edition book that is not made available on bookstores, only a few number of people has this. I'm lucky I've got two and now I'd like to share this with you. 

To join, please read the mechanics.

1. Publicly follow Purple Plum Fairy and Security Blanket and Soulful Travels via GFC (Google Friend Connect).
2. Like Purple Plum Fairy on Facebook
3. Subscribe via e-mail (you have to confirm your subscription once you receive the message in your inbox)
4. Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post.
5. When you did all the first steps, kindly fill out this form to make tracking and tallying the votes easy enough for me.

 We will raffle off the names on a fish bowl by the end of August. This contest is open for everyone. For those who live outside Metro Manila, we will send the cookbook to you via courier. The winner will be notified through email or SMS. Thanks and I do hope you can join my mini-giveaway.

Good luck!


Jenn said...

Hi Vance! I am joining your giveaway and I already finished doing all the steps. :)

My blog entry can be read HERE.

notyourordinaryteacher said...

I can't find the form so I hope it is okay if I post my details here. I did all the steps :)

FB: vintagekawaii onlineshop
name: camille quiambao
contact num:09167173210

notyourordinaryteacher said...

oh i saw the form alrady :)

mommygiay said...


my blogpost entry:

it was not included in the fill-up form

Regina C. Beleno

Vance M. Ramos said...

Thank you guys for joining my mini-giveaway. This is not a requirement for the contest, but in case you haven't liked my page on Facebook, please do so:

Again, thank you and good luck to everyone!

MinnieRunner said...

Already joined and filled up the form, but I guess you may also want to see my blogpost :)

Divine RC said...

Joined your contest po!

Submitted the details on your form.
Blogged about it -

Love this! Hoping to win!

Michi said...

done with all the steps.

my blog entry:

Vanenie said...

Joining this giveaway! :)

I did all the steps, filled up the form and blogged about this too. By the way, here's the link:

Mars @ The Life Encounters said...

Joining here :)

Done all the steps and I blogged about it here:

Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

I am joining your contest once again.... I will never get tired hehehhe...who knows pag nanalo ako kasabay na nung isang napanalunan ko hehehhe....But kidding aside I love this give away since I love cooking....

Anyweyzzz....I blog about the contest here:

Pinoy Kitchenette said...

Hi Vance!
I'm done with all the steps.
check my site

Hope to grab that cookbook!
Happy blogging

MoM from Manila said...

hi purple Fairy (love your monicker!)

i am joining and have already finished the requirements...
you can check my blogfor my entry!

hoping to win! **fingers crossed**, will ask you the taste the first dish, if i get to win!...can you call that bribery, i guess not!?

janakidiary said...

Iam joining this giveaway. hope to win :) here's my entry -

Karen Chayne said...

Hi! I'm also joining your giveaway.

Here's my blog post:

done all the required mechanics.

Hoping to win! thanks!


Blog entry

mhoie1325 said...

Hi, I'm joining. Please count me in!

blog post:

Thanks! ^_^

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