Thursday, July 28, 2011

Century Tuna Hotdog: The Healthier Choice

Aljur preferred the healthier hotdog.

There are numerous instant and processed foods available in the market today. As consumers, we had to be shrewd in choosing what we eat. It’s inevitable that people had to be more health-conscious especially when dealing with picky-eater kids. 
Kyle loved hotdogs. There was even a time when that’s all he wanted to eat. Unfortunately, it is not good for him. It was a relief for me to know that Century Tuna had made things easy for me. Imagine incorporating healthy tuna into Kyle’s favorite food? Whew! That pretty solved my problem. I no longer had to prod him to eat; upon seeing it’s his favorite hotdog that’s on his plate, he’d wolfed it in no time. 
Of course, I had to be honest with him. I told him, the hotdog would be a little different in taste since it’s made of tuna. Kyle said, “It’s made of fish. I know, it’s good for me since it has Omega-3.” And I was surprised, he loved it like any ordinary hotdog. He even saw the Century Tuna Vienna sausage in-a-can which he’s planning to taste in the future. 
With Century Tuna Hotdogs and Vienna sausage, there's nothing more to worry about. There are indeed healthier choices in the market today. You can even ask actor endorser Aljur Abrenica!


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