Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Salon De Ning Restaurant and Bar: Posh Bar for Royalties

I had the opportunity to get inside the luxurious Salon de Ning Restaurant and Bar.  I heard it’s a really expensive bar that only those well off and elite socialites can afford.  I had seen this on the television show Mel & Joey on GMA 7 and it was discussed that renting this place for like three hours can amount to Php100,000. Yes, for an exclusive use of the venue for only three hours.  It doesn’t even count the foods and cocktail drinks you would consume while inside the said bar.

I’d like to think that if you’re truly into something as lavish and grand as having to celebrate a party in a grand way—then, Salon de Ning is the place for you. Seeing the unique shoe collection inside (sorry, I had not had the chance to take photos of those) may make one feel like former first lady Imelda Marcos. You could also dream of becoming a princess or a queen. For guys, there are a few boxing mementos on display as well as boxing-ring like background in one of Salon de Ning’s spot.
The place is complete with a wide screen for private functions and other occasions.  I got the chance to get inside Salon de Ning when I attended Bounty Fresh Chic Moms event. International star Ms. Lea Salonga even sang at the said event, proving that it’s such a place for music royalties like her.

Ms. Lea Salonga rendered a song.

I could compare Salon de Ning’s designs and style with the former Club Embassy at The Fort. Just like Embassy, Salon de Ning’s interiors boasts of its trendy and unique pieces making them cool fashion statements. There were crystallized colorful embellishments and chandeliers abound. It is where the royalty of coolness and elegant party.

The posh boxing themed room in Salon De Ning.

 Salon De Ning Restaurant and Bar is located at the Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati City.


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