Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ilocos Empanada: Crunchy on the outside, flavorful on the inside

The facade of Ilocos Empanada along Scout Tuason in Quezon City

I had never tasted Ilocos Empanada before. I wonder how it differs from the ordinary empanada I've eaten in the neighborhood. I also wonder why it's quite expensive for P50(1 egg, 1 longganisa). But you could also order for double longganisa, I'm not sure though how much you'll be adding. You see, this Empanada trip had been on my friend's treat so since I had arrived late that day, I did not have any idea how much she had paid for an additional longganisa. Anyway, the first thing I noticed was its HUGE size and serving.

The sign says it all: Ilocos Special Empanada for P50.

Store Hours  so that you'd know when your cravings get satisfied.
 I had also been lucky that my good friend Lourdes was able to take photos of the empanada while it was being made. She said that it's good to have your orders done before your very eyes so that you could be assured of freshness with the best quality of taste still intact.

The first step on making the famous Ilocos Empanada.

Mix in all the ingredients like Longganisang Vigan.

Fold it up...

Make sure it seals well.

And voila, it's all ready for frying.

Tadah! Time to put on a paper to lessen its grease.

Yup, it's so HUGE in size and serving.
Ilocos Empanada is best paired with sukang Iloco (Iloco Vinegar) although some would like to experiment and use some ketsup on them. Ilocos Empanada had monggo, longganisa from Vigan, shredded raw green Papaya and eggs along with some spices.

Still trying to figure out how to eat it...
Lourdes wanted her empanada on the oiled paper and she had eaten this as if she'd had a McDonalds' apple pie. I wanted to eat it using fork and spoon. Whatever way you decide, you'll surely enjoy eating this crunchy, full-packed Ilocos empanada. It's enough to fill your empty stomach. It was my lunch for that day, before I ran to another commitment. And I had never felt so full eating only empanada in my life until that day. I've instantly became a fan of Iloco Empanada. I vow that someday I will return here with my Mom and nephew in tow. So that they too, may experience the joy of eating empanada.

Ready to attack the huge Empanada!

Water please! The Iloco Vinegar had red chili.

Woot! Be careful though that Ilocos empanada are deep fried, so if you're not up for something oily, better not try this at all. Don't put too much Iloco Vinegar as well. It doesn't taste like any ordinary vinegar. I prefer ketsup with Iloco vinegar on my empanada. Btw, did I mention that Ilocos bagnet are also available here? Next time, Lourdes and I would want to try that out too.

Purple Plum fairy wishes to thank Ms. Lourdes Vindollo-Labii for providing the photos and treating yours truly to a wonderful meal. 


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