Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Chowking Favorite

Chowking's Combo Meal B: Wanton noodle dish pairs well with asado siopao.

I know I had been disappointed with their halo-halo. But if you think I've vowed not to return to Chowking, think again. I may be forever disappointed with their halo-halo, but not with their other foods. I like their Combo Meal B: wanton noodles paired with merienda sized asado siopao, and drinks. It's the perfect meal for the upcoming rainy season.  I like putting a dash of few fish sauce on the wanton noodles, sprinkle ground black pepper on it and mix a few teaspoon of the siopao sauce on it. Yes, the asado sauce. And last but not the least, I asked for chili garlic oil, just a few drops of it is enough. It tastes a mixture of sweetness, tangy, salty, spicy and sour all together in one superb noodle dish. 

When friends of mine saw me doing all these stuff to my wanton noodles, they all said "Eeeew! What are you doing with your noodles?" I had to explain that this is the way I enjoy Chowking's noodle. I asked some of them to try it, and I was surprised to learn they liked its taste. Eventually, they concocted their own noodles dish using the same procedures. Aha, talk about food experimenting! Try it yourself, who knows? You might also get addicted with just one sip of the hot noodle dish.

Chinese style chicken with chicharap on the side and gravy for P69.
My Mom and Kyle recently ordered Chowking's Chinese style chicken. The good news is, this chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The bad news is, it had taken for like 45 minutes before it was served on our table with my Mom and nephew starved to death awaiting their food. The staff didn't tell them how long they need to wait for their order. When it finally arrived, the Chowking's manager had been apologetic. Talk about good food and bad service...Hmmm...If ever, I might go back to Chowking again but will immediately asked how long before the food will be served. I think every customer deserves the right to be informed. Can you imagine how long one needs to wait if you dropped by Chowking to order that food for takeout but you're such in a rush that you only had 30 minutes remaining for lunch? And if they never asked if you're willing to wait for 45 minutes, what will happen next? 

So much for good food...I hope that through this blog post, Chowking will be able to make their food service fast and ensuring quality food to its loyal patrons and customers.


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